When you have a family to raise, bills to pay, and a home to maintain, it can feel like your life has turned into a plate spinning exercise; if you fail to pay attention and keep up the momentum, the plates will crash to the ground. It’s a constant cycle of trying to please everyone and maintain the status quo, however, when you have issues in the workplace, the equilibrium can become unbalanced and make a significant impact on family life.

The stress of a challenging job, or a demanding line manager can disrupt your work-life balance and cause issues in your relationships at home. A 2016 report commissioned by Relate and Relationships Scotland found that work that was meaningful and satisfying directly impacted the sense of the respondents’ wellbeing, and when a work-life balance is achieved, not only is family life more fulfilling, but productivity and efficiency in the workplace is boosted too.

So, what can you do?

Work smarter

The way that you work can make a huge impact on how you feel about work, and working smarter not harder is the key. You need to prioritise your workload so that you can see clearly the jobs that need to be done and those that can be tackled later.

Make a to-do list and categorise them into one of these sets:

  • Urgent and important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Urgent but not important
  • Wishlist (neither urgent or important)

Think about the time of day that you are more productive; some people are more focused first thing in the morning, whereas others require few hours to get mentally warmed up. Structure your day accordingly, allocating your prime time for the trickier tasks and the less challenging tasks when you are at an energy slump.

You’ll find that with careful time management you are working more efficiently and will be able to switch off at home.

Be realistic with your expectations of what you can achieve

Take control of your diary and allow a realistic amount of time to complete the tasks. By being over generous with the time that you allocate, you will reduce the pressure that you feel and, if you complete your task ahead of schedule, you’ll be in the enviable position of having extra time to tackle the wish list tasks that you identified.

If you are rushing between appointments, allow enough time for safe travel. Not only will you arrive at your destination in a calmer state of mind, but you’ll significantly reduce the risk of a car accident. While The Compensation Experts can get you compensation for a whiplash injury, it is best to try and minimise the possibility of an accident in the first place.

By being more proactive with how you plan your working day, you will find that you are able to contain the workplace pressure and leave them firmly at work. Taking control of your schedule and prioritising your workload will help to break down your obligations into manageable chunks. It takes time to adjust your working practices, but this new way of approaching your working life will make a huge and positive impact on your family life too.

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