We haven’t got long until school is out for the Christmas break and we’ve got a couple of weeks to enjoy with our children at home. Festive movies and games will be on the cards, as well as a chocolate orange induced sugar coma. But what else can we do with our children over the festive break? Here are some ideas so that you can make the most of the family time and get into the Christmas spirit.

Visit Father Christmas

Most garden centres and shopping centres will have a Santa’s grotto that you can visit at this time of year. And nothing is more magical for our little ones that getting to visit Father Christmas and give him their wishlist for Christmas Day, right? Some can get booked up quite quickly, so it could be worth looking into that sooner rather than later.

Farm or Zoo

Getting wrapped up warm for a day out at a children’s farm or zoo is a fun way to spend the day. Many will have festive activities on throughout the season, as well as different shows or exhibitions. But getting to pet and feed the animals (even better if they have reindeer) can be great fun. It does our children to get out and about and getting fresh air, as there will be plenty of time that they’re indoors over Christmas.

Ice Skating

Now that we’ve recently had some snow, it is unlikely that we’ll get a white Christmas. But you can take the kids ice skating to get in the winter mood. Depending where you live, some cities already have rinks, but a lot of places get ice skating rinks especially for this time of year. If you have quite little ones, there are usually little penguins that they can hold onto around the rink, and boots with more than one blade. So it can be an activity for all of you.

Book a Last Minute Trip

If you’re feeling spontaneous, which I know, can be hard when you have children, then you could look for a last minute deal for a winter getaway. Even a weekend trip to a Christmas market could be something the children would love. It can expensive to travel around the near year, but if you straddle it either side, then you could get yourself a bargain.

Family Movie Night

A family movie night is good any night of the week, but it is even better when it is a festive family movie night. From Home Alone to The Grinch, there are so many great choices out there to watch at this time of year. Not forgetting The Muppet Christmas Carol, of course. What is your favourite movie to watch altogether? Just get plenty of snacks and popcorn, ban the iPads, and you’ll be good to go.

What are some things that you have planned for the school holiday break, if any? Are there some traditions that you do each year? Let me know what you’ve got planned in the comments.

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