Well, 2018 is now fully in swing with January having come to an end. So, the time has come to announce the updates to this year’s 16-Bit Awards!

Last year’s, found here, went down a treat. However, they were the inaugural 16-Bit Awards, and therefore, put together entirely by myself and did not meet the level that I wanted them to be at. Because of this, I’ve decided to go a bit bigger this year!

To begin with, additional categories will be added, increasing the amount of awareness that each game gets. On top of that, there will be a far larger focus on the indie game development community, as well as the retro gaming community as a whole. I want the 16-Bit Awards to be an annual celebrating of gaming creativity, in all forms, rather than just the AAA stuff!

That’s not all, though…

For the 16-Bit Awards 2017, we had the Retro Gaming Personality of the Year. It was decided entirely be me, but I don’t think that’s the best way to determine the winner of such an award.

Therefore, the Retro Gaming Personality of the Year will now be a public nomination and public vote award!

So, if you have a favourite retro gaming blogger, streamer, YouTuber or podcaster, you will be able to nominate them. Then, when the public vote is launched, the 16-Bit family will be able to cast their votes as to which nominee will win the atually award.

With that in mind, it is pretty important that I give you guys the dates for how everything is going to work, isn’t it?

  • Nominations open – 12th February 2018
  • Nominations close – 9th April 2018
  • Public vote begins – 16th April 2018
  • Public vote closes – 11th June 2018
  • Judging of all other categories begins – 1st December 2018
  • Award winners announced – 23rd December 2018

So, make sure that you keep an eye out on the 12th, so that you can nominate your favourite retro gaming personality (and yes, you can nominate yourself).

NOTE: Only one nomination per person. Nominations will be collected and placed live for public vote, at which point each person is only able to vote once. The winning Retro Gaming Personality will be chosen based upon the total number of votes, all other awards will be chosen at the discretion of 16-Bit Dad.

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