As you may already know, I’ve recently branched out, expanding 16-Bit Dad into YouTube videos as well (you can find my channel here). This, of course, means that I need to have a good audio setup for the videos, rather than relying on the built-in microphone that comes with my LogiTech webcam. After all, the sound quality on a built-in microphone is never going to be great, or even adequate…

So, I needed to find a different option. That’s where the Fifine K025 came into the picture. I ordered it from Amazon for just £29.99 as a way to, hopefully, improve the quality of my videos. Now that I have it all set up, it seemed like the perfect time to do a review. This way, maybe I can help out any of you awesome readers who want to start making videos. So, let’s take a look, shall we?


The first thing to look at when it comes to installation is how easy it is to set the Fifine K025 to begin with. The microphone comes with a wireless receiver and both require batteries to work. However, they are just standard sized batteries (AA and AAA) so there’s no problem there. Once the batteries are in, all you need to do is turn both the microphone and the wireless receiver on and they will connect automatically. So, in terms of initial setup, it is really simple to do, which is great!

I must mention, though, that the wireless receiver comes with a standard jack to plug into an amplifier, not a PC or laptop. In order to connect the Fifine K025 to a computer, you’ll need to get a USB interface that acts as a middleman. Now, this might sound annoying, but they’re really easy to find and pick up. I got my hands on a Behringer U-phoria UM2, which has a jack port as well as a wired microphone port as well. This needed a bit of setup, as I needed to find the old drivers since the latest ones didn’t work.

However, once I had the interface set up, the microphone connected to my PC and was instantly recognised. So yeah, in terms of the microphone itself, the setup is super quick and easy. In fact, you’ll be able to get the K025 mic ready for use in a matter of a few minutes!


As the Fifine K025 microphone is a wireless mic, it’s really easy to use. You can carry it around with you wherever you need to go, making your life much simpler than a standard, wired microphone. Also, if you are like me and want things to look tidy (without cables all over the place), it is amazing. Currently, I have the K025 mounted on an adjustable microphone stand attached to my table. This means that the mic is suspended in the air, right where I need it, and there aren’t any cables dangling down anywhere.

As mentioned earlier, once you turn the microphone and receiver on, their pair up instantly. That means that you’ll be up and running in minutes. However, depending on the interface you decide to use along with it (or any other input device connected to the interface), you may find that the sound is a little quiet. After some careful research into this phenomenon, I found a program called Equalizer Pro, with an extension called PEACE, that helps to boost up the levels of input from the interface. They are both entirely free, as well, so that’s a huge bonus!

After getting those installed, I tested out the Fifine K025 properly and found that the sound quality was really good, but more on that in a minute. Getting back on track with usability, one thing that is really important is that the microphone won’t break under stress of any kind. As a Dad with a toddler, I can tell you that the K025 is a very well built microphone! My daughter’s already gotten her hands on it and it survived her. That’s the best test of durability you can get in a house, believe me.


So, the effectiveness of a microphone really comes down to how good the sound quality is, right? Well, despite the issues with the interface, the Fifine K025 itself is brilliant. The sound quality is really high, as my voice in recordings has never been clearer. There is no odd distortion or excessive background noise either. On top of that, despite the fact that it is a wireless microphone, there doesn’t seem to be any latency or discrepancy in the input.

In fact, what better way to explain to you how good the Fifine k025 is than let you see for yourself! Here is my video review of the microphone that was recorded using the microphone itself.

As you can see (or rather, hear), the input from the microphone is great. You can easily understand and clearly hear everything I say, even when I sit further away from the microphone itself. This is perfect for those of you looking to get started with YouTube videos or podcasting. You can sit comfortably, knowing that you’ll still be picked up perfectly fine.

Overall, the Fifine K025 does a really good job as a microphone, especially when you consider the fact that it is a wireless mic.


Finally, we need to talk about the cost of the Fifine K025, as well as the value for money that you get. After all, when you are just getting started (or planning) a YouTube channel, podcast or Twitch stream, you probably don’t have a huge budget available for an audio setup. Well, as mentioned at the start of the review, the full price of the Fifine K025 on Amazon is just £29.99 (here). This puts it well within the price range for many people.

When it comes to value for money, you really get a great microphone for the price. In fact, I was really taken aback by just how good the Fifine K025 is for the price!

And That’s All Folks

In the end, the Fifine K025 is a great piece of kit. The sound quality is exceptional, especially for the really low price. It is sturdy and durable, able to survive the grasps of a toddler, but is light enough that you can comfortably carry it around or mount it on a mic stand.

If you are looking at starting a YouTube channel, get into streaming or even make a podcast, then the Fifine K025 is a great microphone to get you started!

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