Considering how much I talk about retro gaming on here, it might surprise you that I’m also a huge fan of current generation gaming as well. The PS4 sitting proudly alongside it’s elder siblings gets very regular use! In fact, I stream modern games every Saturday night over on Twitch. So, as you can imagine, I’m always on the lookout for accessories and peripherals to improve my gaming experience with the PS4 even more than it already provides.

One of the most important peripherals for any console is the controller; it is the doorway to the game and your direct connection to the gameplay. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is comfortable, responsive and suitable for your style of play.

The official DualShock 4 has long been one of my favourite controllers ever, beaten only by the Gamecube controller. However, Nacon has now released their Revolution Unlimited Pro controller for the PlayStation 4, and I’ve been giving is a try to see just how well it works, and how well it stacks up against Sony’s official DualShock 4. So, let’s dive straight in and take a look at the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 controller!

A Professional PS4 Controller

The Revolution Unlimited Pro is a “professional” controller, designed to be customised to suit you and your play style, in order to allow you to perform at an optimal level. With that in mind, it is pretty clear that there is a focus on competitive play and the eSports scene. However, don’t let that put you off; the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller is perfectly suited for casual and relaxed play as well.

The controller is slightly larger than the official DualShock 4, but not to the point where it becomes cumbersome. It also comes with a lot of different options and accessories to tailor it to your needs. I would highly recommend that you watch my unboxing video below to see exactly what you get in the box.

In short, the controller comes with a Bluetooth adaptor, USB3.0 cable and a number of weights and other customisation accessories. This means that you’ll be able to make the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller perfect for the way you hold and use a controller.

One thing to note, however, is that if you have only ever used a PlayStation controller, then the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller may take a little bit of time to get used to. The reason for this is that it used a Dreamcast and Xbox style layout, where the D-Pad and left analogue stick are switched around compared to a DualShock 4. This can feel a bit odd if you’re not used to that setup for a controller, but because of the slightly increased size of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro, it actually makes it feel more comfortable.

Customisable For Comfort

Speaking of comfort, this is probably the perfect time to start looking at how you can customise the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller to make it more comfortable for you. The first thing to talk about is the fact that you can change multiple aspects of the joysticks. For starters, the controller comes with different shafts for the joysticks, meaning that you can change them to better suit your personal needs. On top of that, you can switch between concave or convex heads for the joysticks or a mix of both.

The next aspect that you can customise is the weight of the controllers. In the box, you get a number of different weights that can be added to the handles of the controller, in order to make it sit better in your hands. These can be mixed and matched as you wish, so you can get the perfect weight distribution.

Personally, I am using a convex head on the left analogue stick, a convex one on the right stick, and no weights. However, the fact that you can do this is wonderful and really makes the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro a brilliant controller for just about anyone.

Suitable for Sensitivity

The next aspect that I wanted to look at was the software that you can use with the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller. You see, when you connect the controller to your PC through a USB cable (not the Bluetooth adaptor), you can open up the official Nacon software and access even more customisation.

To begin with, you’ll want to make sure that the firmware within the controller is up to date. Once you’ve done that, which is literally one button click, then you can start playing around with the profiles for the controller. You can change the colour of light that surrounds the right analogue stick, with a set of four colour panels, as well as how the light works. I have mine set to two different colour palettes, one for PC and one for PS4, both of which are set to pulse at the lowest speed.

However, that’s not the most amazing thing about the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller and its software.

Within the software, you can modify the sensitivity of pretty much every aspect of the controller. For example, you can change how far you need to squeeze the shoulder triggers before they have an effect, or modify the sensitivity of the analogue sticks. For PC, you can also change how the buttons are mapped, too.

All of this comes together to allow you to create the perfect controller for your playstyle and preferred type of game!

Console and Computer Connected

The final thing to talk about with the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller is the fact that it isn’t limited to just the PS4. On the back of the controller is a switch that allows you to change between PS4 mode and PC mode, as well as another that switches between wired and Bluetooth connections. Both of these connection options work on the PS4 and a PC, meaning that you can have an excellent wireless controller for your PC as well.

One really good aspect of this is that, during the testing of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller on PC, I didn’t notice any real input delay. The adaptor and controller have a really strong connection, meaning that you don’t need to worry about controller lag on either the PC or PlayStation 4. That is a huge help when using the controller during online or competitive play.

Also, the adapter is foldable, with a hinge just behind the main USB connector. The fold allows you to fit the adaptor wherever you need it. So, if you are using a computer desk where your tower doesn’t have a lot of spacing around it (like me), this can be absolutely amazing!

And That’s All Folks

In the end, I am really pleasantly surprised at the sheer quality of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller. The controller is durable and offers very high build quality, whilst also allowing you to modify and customise the controller to fit your own needs. Because of this, the Revolution Unlimited Pro controller is now my go-to controller for both the PlayStation 4 and my PC.

If you want to find out more about the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller, you can read about it on the Nacon website here. Either way, if you are looking for a new controller, then this could be the perfect one for you!

Would you be interested in buying a Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller? Let me know in the comments below!