It’s funny, now that I think of it; I’ve never reviewed a case on this site before. I’ve looked at games, chairs, various console accessories and more, yet this will be the first time I’ve reviewed a carry case.

That said, considering how much I love the Switch now, it only seems right that this honour goes to a carry case for it. Specifically, we’ll be looking at the Nintendo Switch Carry Case by Venom Gaming. So, let’s take a look, shall we?


The first thing I wanted to talk about in regards to the Switch Carry Case is the overall size of it. I’ve seen many console carry cases over the years and most are either really small or far too big. You either risk forgetting them somewhere or being unable to actually carry them comfortably.

When it comes to Venom’s carry case, however, it’s actually a rather useful size. It’s big enough to securely store your Switch, controllers and cables without difficulty, yet small enough that it doesn’t feel bulky.

On top of that, there is also room to store a whole bunch of cartridges as well. So you’ll never have to go without your favourite game. In fact, it has space for up to 21 games, which is pretty cool. Especially if you are like me and prefer to have physical versions of games, rather than digital (which you can read about here).

All in all, the Venom Gaming Switch Carry Case offers a lot of versatility. It’s strong on the outside, so your beloved console will be safe and sound inside it, whilst the strap allows for comfortable carrying.


In terms of the effectiveness of a carry case, that really just comes down to whether it can safely transport your Nintendo Switch, right? So, let’s take a look at that.

As mentioned earlier, the external sides of the case are pretty strong. It is a fabric-based case, but the sides are sturdy, which is a good sign. However, the real winning aspect comes from the foam insert inside of the carry case. It seems to be precision-cut to fit your Nintendo Switch and controllers.

This means that they fit snuggly within the foam insert, held in place by it to avoid rolling and sliding around. This helps to prevent scratches or minor damage through a gentle stroll.

It also helps to give the bag a bit of suspension, meaning that your Nintendo Switch will remain damage-free as you move around. The fact that it has a separate area underneath the lid to store your cables also helps to prevent tangles and scratches from the cables on your console.


So now that we have covered the usability and effectiveness of the Venom Gaming Carry Case, all that is left is to look at the cost.

The easiest way to do this is to compare it to other carry cases that I have seen. For example, GAME sells a series of carry cases for the Nintendo Switch which barely fit the Switch’s tablet alone. These retail for around £10-15 each and are rather flimsy at best.

However, the Venom Gaming Nintendo Switch Carry Case sells for up to £20, so only a slight bit more expensive. Yet you end up having considerably more space to put your Switch, as well as games and controllers. It also has the padding too, which is really thick. So, for just a small amount more in terms of cost, you get a much sturdier case that will protect your console far better. That’s a win, in my opinion.

And That’s All Folks

In the end, the best way to look at Venom Gaming’s Switch Carry Case is to compare it to others on the market. When doing that, the fact that it offers a higher level of protection for your console whilst also being able to hold the controllers and games as well means that it definitely comes out on top.

If you are likely to transport your Nintendo Switch around, then this case could be exactly what you are looking for. I, for one, would definitely recommend it!

Have you tried the Venom Gaming Switch Carry Case? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!