Chances are your business is active in the social media community – you have to be in today’s digital world. So, you probably spend a fair amount of time adding new posts and tweets on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and the like. You’ve probably already included links to your social media platforms on your business’s website, too. Now, how can you get all the people that really matter to your business to be active on your social media pages? Well, one of the best places to start is with suppliers and customers that you are already communicating with on a regular basis.

A business email signature is a great way to build followers on your social media networks and also increase customer loyalty significantly. Here are some great ways to boost your social media following via your email signature.

1. Make sure you include links to all your social media pages.

By ensuring that you include social media links in your email signature, you can make it a whole lot easier for your suppliers, contacts, and customers to connect with your brand in the social media space. The people that you already have regular contact with are the people that are most likely to be active participants within your social networks.

2. Include the company’s most recent tweet or blog.

Email signatures are great for automatically including the company’s latest tweet or blog post. By doing this, customers will automatically be kept up to date on any relevant industry and company news and you can also increase your followers, likes, and blog readership.

3. Invite your contacts to interact with you.

Let’s say you’re running a Twitter contest. It’s the perfect opportunity to invite email readers to join the competition via your email signature. It’s also a great way to give happy customers the chance to express the satisfaction with your business’s services and products. All you have to do is include a simple line in the signature inviting them to share their experiences.

4. Add links to LinkedIn bios and profiles.

For some businesses, it is appropriate to include links to personal LinkedIn profiles and bios within the signature. For example, an accounting or legal firm may want to demonstrate the sender’s skill set and expertise. Further, for executives, it is beneficial to include profile URLs in their email signature so as to encourage interaction and in an effort to build connections. An email signature can help you insert personalized links automatically for certain senders.

Email Signature Management is the Way to Go

With a professional email signature management solution, you can easily configure your company’s signatures centrally and make sure that all the social media links are included in each and every email to help build your social networks. Email signatures are easy enough to update regularly, so they can also include relevant information about upcoming social media contests, and they’re great for calls to action like inviting readers to interact on specific topics.

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