Is It Time For Your Blog To Have An SEO MOT?

Let’s face it, finding the time to get your head around SEO and then actually work out what you need to do on your blog can be really hard to find! Especially when you consider all the technical aspects like rel=canonical tags, hreflang tags and indexation issues. It can be really daunting…

But do you know how important it is to get your SEO in order? Think about it. If you are looking for something, where is the first place you go to find answers? Google, right?

Well, that would be the same as almost everyone else. You’d be amazed at how many searches there are each day. On top of that, traffic from SEO is typically constant and free, and doesn’t need you to keep sharing a post over and over.

All in all, it is the most viable long term way of getting visits.

So yeah, it’s pretty damn important to get it right! And that’s where an SEO MOT comes in. However, if you were to go to an agency (or even a freelancer) the typical price range for an SEO analysis is between £700 to £1,200. This is because, even if your site is a blog, you will be treated as though it were a multinational ecommerce site.

So What Can I Do?

Thus, I have created the Blogger SEO MOT; a detailed SEO review specifically designed for blogs. Covering everything from content issues to usability of the website, the Blogger SEO MOT will find all of your SEO issues and give you recommendations on how to remedy these problems.


You will receive a detailed yet easy to understand document that explains all of the issues and recommendations. On top of this, you’ll receive spreadsheets with lists of each page with an issue mentioned in the report document.

With this information, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to improve your SEO.

All of this costs £200 total, covering 10 hours of work. However, should the SEO MOT take less then 10 hours, you’ll only pay for the amount of time used.

So, if you’ve been worried about your blog’s SEO, or if you’ve never really thought about it, now might be the time to get things in order!


I commissioned him to do a full SEO report on my entire blog, and the information he sent over (in easy to understand, Jacqui-proof language) has already paid for itself twice over – and I’m only partway through his report!


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