Virtual reality gaming is tough for purists. On the one hand, it’s new technology which looks awesome. On the other, retro gamers want to stay loyal to their product. For geeks, this is about as tricky a dilemma as exists in the world.

While acknowledging its existence is enough for some gamers to freak out, it’s undeniable that VR gaming is alluring. Being transported to a new surrounding without leaving the living room is the dream.

But, what else does it offer? Is VR gaming an indulgence or can it add value? Is it worth it? Check out what it has to offer below to find out more.

Burn Baby, Burn

Gamers are used to saying this after an intense smash and grab mission to save Queen and country. It turns out VR burns something else: calories. And, these aren’t simulated. Wearing a headset means you’re likely to be more active during gameplay. Think of it like playing on the Nintendo Wii but you’ll feel as if you’re taking on Roger Federer at Wimbledon. Plus, there’s no way to fake it either as you have to move around; it’s how the technology is designed to be used. VR gamers, therefore, can be healthier than their traditional cousins.

What Lies Beneath

If you’ve ever wondered what lies beneath, now is the time to figure out the answers for yourself. Instead of staring at a screen, VR users can delve into the game and immerse themselves in a new reality. A direct knock-on effect is a positive impact on gamers’ mental health. By engrossing the mind into the gameplay, it’s even easier to get lost and forget about the small, stressful things. Retro games are good for this too, yet they don’t transport you from one place to another as a VR headset does.

Honey, I Taught The Kids

“Experts” are always talking about the negative impacts of gaming on kids, but what about the good stuff. Virtual reality content takes it to a new level as youngsters can use the tech to learn about the real world. Yep, that is ironic! Children of all ages can use virtual reality racing to familiarise their mind with cars. Then, when it comes to taking a practical test, they won’t be as nervous because the features will be recognisable. Parents can also use it to show them the wider world and all the fun stuff there is to do, such as swimming with sharks or climbing Everest. It’s a mind-bender.

All For VR, VR For All

The good news is the benefits above are only going to get better in the future. As VR technology pushes on, there will be a greater level of investment. Not just that, but the cost will decrease and it should be accessible for everyone. Products such as these that are engaging and interactive provide us with the tools we need to succeed.

Virtual reality gaming might not have the charm of the retro games, but it’s adding value to the culture.

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