Everyone goes on shopping trips, right? It’s not something strange, nor is a trip to Tesco Extra an extravagant and luxury day off, right? Or am I completely crazy?

You see, I’ve always assumed that going to your local supermarket was just something that you have to do, and that everyone else was of the same mindset. So, when a young lady came up to me today and complained that my daughter’s crying was ruining her day out really surprised me…

And so, we have a sort of Public Service Announcement post today…

Understanding Goes A Long Way

Firstly, who goes on a “day out” to Tesco? Secondly, toddlers are going to cry… It happens… We as parents do our best to keep them happy, and to cheer them up when they do cry. But it happens. You coming over and getting in our face, or raising your voice in front of them, is not going to help.

In fact, think of it like this; how would you feel if a (relative to you) huge person you didn’t know came up to you and randomly started shouting. It’d probably freak you out, right? Now imagine that you have the innocence and lack of understand of the world and language that toddler does… Rather than having someone shouting words at you, you have the massive person shouting random noises that you cannot comprehend.

It’d pretty terrifying, wouldn’t it? So, if anything, it’s just going to make the child scared, and then they’ll cry more! And that’s exactly what happens!

How You Can Help The Situation

Okay, so, rather than bothering the parent of a crying child, or shouting and scaring the child even more, what can you do to help the situation?

Well, to be honest, one of the best things you can do is just leave it alone. The parent knows their child best, and knows how to cheer them up or handle any of their tantrums. Give them time and they’ll get the situation under control.

On the other hand, if you really want to help, then go over and show kindness to the child. Make some funny faces, or maybe some cute noises. Do something to make them laugh.

By doing that, you’ll be able to help distract the child from whatever it is that is making them cry. That, in turn, will help them stop.

By showing kindness and friendliness to both the parent and the child, as well as understanding of the situation, will go a lot further than getting angry about it.

There are so many stories out there of people on planes or buses or at the shops getting really annoyed by kids and complaining, However, there are very few examples of people actually helping the parent to diffuse the situation and cheer the child up. But doing that is what is actually going stop the crying that you find so annoying…

The Moral Of The Story

Ok, so with that mild rant out of the way, what exactly is the moral of this story? To put it simply; be understanding.

Parents have a lot to handle, especially with a young child… This is even more so if they are alone at the time. So be courteous and understanding, and maybe offer some help. Please, don’t just start moaning, arguing or shouting. It’ll just make things worse and more stressful for everyone.

So let’s all spread the word around, and maybe we can make life easier and more stress-free for everyone!

And That’s All Folks

Sorry that this was a mild rant and a public service announcement, but if we can get more people to understand what is going on and how they can help, maybe we can all be a bit happier.

Do you have any stories where people have started arguing or raising their voice because your child is crying? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments below!