Many men take on this idea in their heads when they become fathers that they no longer are important, as the little people that have entered their lives are suddenly your whole world. While in a sense that is true, it’s also important to make sure that you’re keeping yourself in tip-top condition so that you can bring your children up the way you want to, and enjoy every second of it too. Here are a few ways in which you should look after yourself so that you can live your life strong, long, and as the amazing Dad you want to be.

Go to the gym every now and then

A major part of being Dad is being the person that the kids throw themselves on for piggyback rides and to be thrown into the air multiple times. We are the ones who are endlessly running around the park chasing the kids to wear down their energy enough for them to sleep soundly, so it’s important to make sure that we are fit and healthy! Head to the gym whenever you get the chance to keep up your overall fitness. Not only will it help with the kids, but it can help with your self-confidence and love life too!

Make time for you and your partner

Speaking of love life, even though your children are the centre of your world it’s important to make time for you and your partner. As we get older the chances of erectile dysfunction heighten and this can dampen any sexual relationship quickly. If this is something that you’ve been struggling with, then head to the website of International Andrology London to see how they can help you overcome this problem and be able to be intimate with your partner once more. While sex isn’t everything, it certainly helps keep the magic alive when you’re parents that work hard to raise a happy and healthy family.

Don’t shy away from the Doctor

Just because you’re a Dad, it doesn’t mean that you’re indestructible. Everyone gets sick from time to time, and it’s important to see your Doctor if you’re feeling particularly under the weather. Underlying problems could be presenting symptoms that you don’t expect, and as I’m sure you’ll agree, being alive and well to see your children thrive is all you really want from life! Don’t shy away from the Doctor!

Have some me time

Finally, even though we like to feel like supermen, it’s important to have some downtime to yourself to regenerate and feel like your own person again. It’s understandable that these occasions might be few and far, but grabbing the chance whenever you can will help you keep your sanity, and also give you a great reason to do what you fancy for a change!