Do you know how safe and hazard-free your office space is?

Whether you have your own home office or you work in an office job, safety is a huge part of your life. No one wants to have an accident and get injured, do they?

I’ve worked in many offices where things like health and safety were afterthoughts… It was as if they were just an annoyance for the business owners, and they didn’t really want to care about it or didn’t know where to start! You’d be amazed how many places are like this…

But it’s really important to get health and safety right!

Where To Start

I think the hardest thing about making your office safe is knowing where to start. After all, there are so many different things that could potentially go wrong.

Whether it’s a spill of water from a fridge to an old and broken computer chair, there’s tonnes of different things you should be looking at. So, how do you figure out what to do first?

Well, the guys over at Accident Advice Helpline have created a wonderful little interactive guide to help you!

You can find it here. All you need to do is hover over the image and move the mouse around and an easy to understand description of the hazard and how to avoid an accident appears beneath it.

This is a great tool to help you figure out what hazards you’re currently facing. And it’s even better at helping you avoid them! I wish this had been around when I was working in that previously mentioned office… Perhaps the owner would have seen it and realised what was wrong with the place.

What Can I Do?

The idea of sorting out the health and safety of an office probably seems like a big task. Especially if the office is a home office and you don’t have the finances to replace things. But did you know that there are a few simple things that you can do yourself?

1. Make Sure The Office Is Ventilated

The first thing you should be doing is opening the window! Having the room ventilated with some fresh air will help you to no end. It’ll make it easier to breathe after a long stint on the computer, whilst also helping with any allergies you have… For example, air conditioning makes me sneeze, but opening the window means that I can be comfortable without sneezing constantly.

2. Be Careful What You Are Lifting

This is probably a really obvious one, but don’t try and lift things that are too heavy for you! Not only will you strain your back, you’ll probably end up dropping it on your feet or something…

Get some help, either in the form of another person or a piece of equipment that can help you lift it up without putting too much strain on your back, arms, and legs.

3. Don’t Overstack Shelves

This is something I’m guilty of… I tend to just throw things onto the nearest shelving unit without looking to see what is already there. But it’s also something I really need to stop. After all, you could end up putting too much weight on the shelf, causing it to collapse.

Or, you could find that all of the stuff you’ve put on the shelves won’t balance anymore. Instead, they’ll just slip and fall down, right onto you.

And That’s All Folks

Whether you’ve got your own office at home or you work in an office environment as a career, then you should definitely check out the interactive tool from Accident Advice Helpline to find out what you can do to make things better!

Have you ever had an accident at work? Do you know someone who has? Let me know in the comments below!

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