Road trips are incredible. They are a great way to see more of your home country, instead of flying abroad. Driving to a family-friendly vacation spot can be a brilliant way to save money and the chance to travel in comfort. Travelling in your own car also means that you’ve got it for the duration of your trip, making sightseeing and exploring much easier. One of the best things about taking a road trip, however, is the journey itself. It’s your chance to leave technology and stress behind, and to spend some quality time with your travel companions.

But, no one is going to deny that road trips are easier, and more fun when you are travelling with your friends, and everyone in the car is over 18. For many families, travelling by car is their only way to take a family trip, but that doesn’t mean that the journey isn’t a worry. Kids and long car trips don’t always mix well. But, you shouldn’t let that put you off. Instead, find ways to keep kids occupied on a long car journey.

Think About Comfort

Road trips are only ever going to be fun if they are comfortable. No one is going to enjoy themselves if they are crushed in with luggage piled up at their feet and no room to move. If your car is a little on the small side, it might be worth considering an upgrade from Looking 4 Car Finance or hiring a larger car for the trip.

Prepare for Sickness

You might think that your kids are fine in cars. They’ve never been travel sick before, why would they start now? But things are different on a long trip. An extended period in the car, travelling on different kinds of roads with perhaps more bends and rougher terrain is a little different. Consider anti-sickness methods, or just make sure you’ve got sick bags, spare clothes, and a bottle of water, just in case.

Plan Stops

As an adult, you might be tempted to power through and reach your destination as quickly as possible. Kids can’t manage more than a couple of hours sitting in a small space. They need to stretch their legs, go to the toilet and burn off some energy. So, check a map and plan a few stops along the way.

Encourage Naps

Starting early can be a good idea if it means that they are more likely to fall asleep along the way. Let them take travel cushions and blankets to help them settle, and try playing soothing music.

Ditch the Screen Time Rules

You might have quite strict screen time rules at home, which can be great. But, on a long road trip, screens can be your friend. Games and books might cause nausea, so download some episodes of their favourite TV shows on a tablet. Just don’t forget the headphones.

Pack Snacks and Drinks

Snacks and drinks don’t just fill a stomach. They also give the kids something to do and help to break up the time. Try to pack a mix of healthy options and treats, but try to avoid anything too sticky, messy or smelly and don’t forget a rubbish bag and wipes.