One thing I can say as a first time dad is that you are never truly ready for the change in viewing habits. Are you a fan of Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? Hell, even Penny Dreadful or the Marvel shows? Well, get ready for that to change.

Sure, you may think that you can still watch these shows, but it’ll get to the point where you’d rather just get some sleep instead. So what will you be watching? That depends entirely on what your little one likes the most!

Before my daughter, I’d never seen an episode of My Little Pony. Not a single one. But now it’s all I seem to be watching. Well, that and Peg + Cat. In fact, I even know the main characters’ names by heart.

But that’s not the biggest thing that I’ve noticed. My daughter all but demands that My Little Pony be on constantly during the day (thank God for Netflix) and that’s only because she doesn’t talk yet. So I end up watching it for up to 10 hours per day on the weekends, without break! It’s almost as if I am held captive by Twilight Sparkle and her friends, forced to watch their exploits over and over.

Are you seeing the reference in the title of this post yet? Sure, it’s not really Stockholm Syndrome, but when you consider that I am effectively a prisoner of the show, the fact that I am beginning to actually enjoy it should help you understand what I mean by the title.


I have seen every episode of each season, along with all four of the Equestria Girls movies, all because my daughter adores the show and its spin off. In fact, I even know the words to the “cafeteria song” from Equestria Girls by heart! I sometimes sing it to her when she’s upset. And that’s what I mean when I say that your TV habits are going to change.

Once your little one finds that one show that they love, they’re going to want to watch it over and over again. And that’s going to be the same when it comes to music. Lucky for me, my daughter’s favourite songs come from A Day To Remember, Green Dad and Bring Me The Horizon. So at least I get to listen to some awesome music when she decided that it is time to rock out…

Although, honestly, I do hope we can find a different show for her to love soon, before I end up discussing My Little Pony as much as I do The Walking Dead.

Are there any shows that your kids adore that, simply do to how often you watch them, you’ve started to enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!