It’s actually pretty funny how, even though I’m now a Dad, I still have this idea ingrained in my head from childhood that Dads just don’t look fashionable or well kept… The idea of the Dadbod also helps to build up the idea that, once you’re a Dad, you no longer look good. It’s like it is an unwritten expectation of many people out there, from when they were kids.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way. Just because your free time is now being spent with your kids, doesn’t mean that you have to look ragged and tired. Sure, you may be able to spend as much time grooming anymore, but that’s not a huge issue. A good beard can look amazing, after all.

Then, if you top that off with some stylish clothes, you’ll still look awesome, even as a Dad!

Finding The Right Outfit For The Situation

This is probably one thing I’ve always struggled with, even before my daughter was born. I would, typically, resort to jeans and a hoodie with Nirvana, Bullet for my Valentine, Funeral for a Friend or Cradle of Filth on it. However, as I grew up, I slowly started to get better at knowing what to wear and when. Admittedly, a large part of that was because my wife would tell me what not to wear in each situation…

That may sound funny since most adults figure that out before they get married, but we married at 22, so I was only just out of the teenage years.

Since then, I’ve started wearing a lot more T-shirts that don’t rely on band names to look good. I’ve also bought loads of jackets and non-band related hoodies as well. Basically, my wardrobe has mature, mostly. I still have some The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and gaming clothes, but for the most part, my wardrobe has “grown up” clothing in it.

So now, I get dressed in certain styles for certain situations, such as;

  • Casual shopping trip – jeans and a standard (non-band related) hoodie
  • Meeting friends or family – smart, black jeans and a good T-shirt
  • Going to the park/woods/etc with my daughter – a nice jacket and jeans

As you can see, now that I’m a Dad, I actually put more effort into what I wear than I did when I wasn’t a Dad.

Budget Concerns

Obviously, when you’ve got to make sure you can buy all the stuff you kid needs, the amount of cash you can spend on yourself is a big factor when it comes to what you buy for yourself. I really can’t justify spending £100 or more on clothes, whether they are branded or merchandise… I found it hard to justify it when I was younger, but now there’s no way I would ever think to spend that much on myself!

So, when it comes to finding fashionable clothes to wear, because I want my wife and daughter to be proud of me and how I look, I have to be really picky.

I actually spend a long time looking around for what to buy, since all of the shops I used to frequent are now out of my price range. Thankfully, I’ve recently come across the brand Ellesse. Now, I’m sure many of you already know the brand, but it’s a new find for me. You see, my “brand” knowledge was limited to rock, punk and goth related brands when I was younger.

A More Mature Fashion Sense

So now that I’ve found a brand that suits my needs as a Dad, I’m already putting a list together of what I’ll be buying from them. The stylish yet adult jackets are a bit one for me, as I am spending more and more time outdoors with my daughter as she grows up. This is the same with the hoodies, as we go shopping a lot and, as we all know, the British weather can be horrid!

I love the fact that the jackets and hoodies are reasonably priced, especially compared to what I am used to paying, so that’s a big plus for me. I’m looking forward to getting my first order and seeing how the clothes are in use – and I’ll keep you guys updated on just that, don’t you worry.

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