More and more businesses are connecting with their consumers via smartphone apps. To make your app successful for your business, however, you’re going to need to market it cleverly. Raising awareness of your app can ensure your existing customers know where to find you, while you could reach a whole new branch of customers through making your app stand out from the competition.

Start with a good product

You should treat your app like any other product, and in order to sell a product, it has to be good. The right app will attract new customers while building stronger relationships with existing clients and offer them a new way to engage with your business. It’s recommended that you assess cost by using an app development cost calculator and then picking the best developer you can afford to ensure you’re left with the best product possible. Assessing the apps of your competitors or even browsing popular apps will help you to work out exactly what makes a good app.

Make the most of your existing communication channels

You have the potential to reach a lot of customers with your existing communication channels. Use social media, your email lists, and even direct mail marketing as a way to get the message out there to your existing customers and help it spread. Design a marketing campaign around your app’s launch – take inspiration from some of the most successful app marketing campaigns, and you’ll soon find some great ideas to market your app. You could also consider hiring a marketing professional with app experience to help you get it off the ground.

Advertise online

Online is where you want your customers to be, and that’s where you’ll find them. You can place adverts on mobile sites as well as web pages that can attract potential customers and take them straight to the app stores to download your product. If your business has never used mobile advertising before, you may want to think about reading a beginner’s guide to mobile advertising first to see how it’s done.

Offer incentives

While apps are popular amongst consumers, it can be difficult to actually get them to download an app. This is where incentives can come in handy to make that conversion. Offer customers a discount or offer for downloading and using your app, and you’ll soon see your figures soar. If your aim is to drive people away from using your website and focusing on the app instead, you can make this a recurring offer to encourage them to keep using your app, rather than taking advantage of the app once and then deleting it/never using it again.

Making your app work for your business requires a carefully thought out marketing strategy, but the results can be significant for your business if they succeed. Read about how to use the internet to get seen for more great marketing ideas that will grow your business online to give your app a solid start for reaching new customers.

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