Can you believe it’s nearly November again? It always amazes me how quickly the year flies by. But you know what else that means? It’s almost time for Black Friday to come around once again. The day of manic shoppers and (usually) crazy deals on all kinds of items across high street stores and online shopping sites. But the fact that there are so many great deals means that you can get lost trying to find out where you should be going to make the most of Black Friday.

So I wanted to try and give you guys some advice on how to make sure you don’t miss the best deals out there. After all, as a parent, being able to save money is incredibly important!

Look Online, Not In Store

The first thing worth mentioning is that you’re more likely to get amazing deals and savings online rather than by going into the actual stores. That might not be the same experience that you’d get in the States, but over here in the UK, the deals in a store are usually pretty bad.

The reasoning behind this is that the stores still have to cover the costs of their employees, bills and rent. So they can only drop the prices so far before it stops being profitable. After all, even though the deals look amazing, they are strategically determined to make the business money still.

On the other hand, whilst the deals online are still making a profit for their respective businesses, they don’t need to cover as many expenses. That means that the deals are often far better for you!

Use Online Deal Finder Sites

Okay, so we have discussed the fact that you should stick online, but that also means that there are a huge amount of sites to look through. From Amazon to GAME or Tesco, plus all of the other smaller companies that sell online, you can easily get lost and waste the day trying to find and compare the various deals. That’s where online “deal finder” sites come into play.

These sites basically collate the various deals available for Black Friday and put them all in one place. Some sites even allow users to rate the Black Friday deals, meaning that you’ll be able to instantly find the deals that are rather as the best by other shoppers.

All of this comes together to mean that you’ll be able to find the best deals for the various items you want.

Plan What You Want Ahead Of Time

The best piece of advice I can give you is to plan out what items you want to buy beforehand. By knowing what products you want to purchase, you’ll able to seek out deals for those specific products. This will cut down the amount of time you spend searching, whilst also meaning that you’ll be able to make sure you have enough money to buy those products.

Otherwise, you may end up spending all of your disposable cash on products and deals that are just tempting because of the deals. The amount of people who buy things on Black Friday that they’ll never use is crazy. Don’t be one of them. Think strategically and look for the products that you want. That way, you can ensure that you are actually able to get the products that you want.

And That’s All Folks

Those were three bits of advice for Black Friday that I would tell to anyone, which is why they are now in this post. Black Friday can lead to an empty wallet and a lot of sad feelings if you aren’t smart and strategic. So follow this three pieces of advice and make the most of Black Friday.

Do you have any Black Friday hints or tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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