A good marketing strategy can be visualized as a tower, or a hierarchy pyramid with each progressive element being built on top of the last one, leading you closer and closer to success. But what exactly does this tower look like and how can we use it to build a robust strategy that will not only result in lead conversions but also in great retention rates and true die hard fans for our products? Read on to find out.

Layer 4 – The Basics – Getting your brand out there

The bottom layer is all about getting your brand out there into the market place. It’s all about getting the basics in order such as a user-friendly website, social media pages, and inbound links that direct potential customer to you, and boost your SEO ratings.

In particular, an effective way to do this is to create some insightful content that includes backlinks to your websites. Of course, doing this is often easier said than done, as writing engaging content that bloggers really want to display can be tough. Luckily, there are some helpful folks out there that specialise in this type of thing. Just click here for some more info, and to see what type of copy they can write for you, that will get your brand noticed.

Layer 3 – Getting people to engage with your brand

Layer three is an important one, one that is being increasingly recognised as a vital element in an effective marketing strategy. This layer is all about engagement, and that means getting people to interact with your brand.

So, how can you do this? Well, first interactivity always trumps passivity here. As it’s all about holding folks attention long enough to get your message across while associating your brand with that message. Also, some companies have found that fostering a personal relationship with their potential clients, very helpful at this level. Primarily by giving advice and expertise in the form of webinars or downloads, before the customer is asked to make any purchase.

However, it’s not just about holding one person’s attention, but also getting them to comment and share the content you are creating to get more coverage for your brand. Companies that are successful in this often find engaging content like videos and live feeds such as the one available on Periscope to be useful, as they invite personal comment and sharing with others, so increasing the reach of your brand.

Layer 2 – Conversion and retention – Get them to buy and come back for more

Of course, all this is for naught if no one buys what you are offering, and that is where conversion and retention come in. Conversion strategies are all about making the maybes into full fledged buyers, using things like specials offers, discounts, and calls to action.

While retention is all about keeping the customers that you have earned, by ensuring that they are happy with both the product and the service.

To this end, a good way to achieve a high level of customer retention is by offering stellar customer service and an opportunity for each customer to be heard. Happily, online platforms such as Feefo are the perfect place for this. As well as being easy to manage and integrate with your own company website.

After all, it pays to remember that keeping an old customer is often way easier and more profitable than recruiting a new one. As they know and trust you, so they will be a more biddable market for your other products.

Layer 1 – Superfans and how to keep them

The top layer of the marketing tower is all about superfans. Yup, the kind of fans that have private Facebook groups, regular meet ups, and websites dedicated to your product, of their own creation. These guys are the top of the tree, and while they can seem a little obsessive to others, they are very adept at pulling friends and family up the tower with them. Meaning more people for you at the conversion and retention stages.

So, how can you create and retain such fans? Well, if you are doing your job right and bringing out great quality, varied products with just the right amount of charisma, they are probably already out there.

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