It’s that time again, to take a look at all of the things that I have managed to add to my retro gaming collection in the past month or so. Recently, these posts have been rather short because of budget constraints… But this time, thanks to some great deals, finding a new retro gaming shop (which you can read about here) and some very nice people, I have a lot of things to feature!

So, without further adieu, let’s all take a look at what retro gaming pieces were added to the 16-Bit Dad collection this month!

Grand Theft Auto London – PSX

We’ll start this month’s retro gaming pick-ups with an absolute classic for the original PlayStation; Grand Theft Auto London, the mission pack expansion for the original Grand Theft Auto game. I loved this game, or rather the expansion, as a child (even though I really shouldn’t have been playing it back then). The top-down, 2D version of the GTA games will always have a special place in my heart, but the London missions hold so much more.

This might be because of the Brit in me, which could also explain my love for The Getaway and its sequel. However, there was just something so much fun about the game that I had to get it as soon as I saw it in Mobile Game Exchange!

Music 2000 – PSX

Now, this is the first game we have from the great box of games that I was given by a colleague (they make up most of this list, to be honest). I have never played Music 2000 before, nor do I know anything about it, if I am to be honest. Apparently, it can allow you to create some great pieces of music using the original PlayStation… So maybe I could use it to make some new music and sound effects for my YouTube videos…

Honestly, I don’t know how much time I’ll actually put into Music 2000. However, I will do a review of it in the future, so I’ll need to play it for a while at least.

Athens 2004 – PS2

Another game from the big box of games, Athens 2004 is an Olympic Games official game. I, generally, don’t really like sports-related games as I find them repetitive and boring. However, I’ll be giving this one a try as I have huge respect for the Olympic Games and all of the athletes who take part in them.

I may even stream it, as it would be the very first time I have ever played the game, so it could be an entertaining stream. Especially since I would most like fail completely.

Final Fantasy XII Platinum – PS2

Funnily enough, I already have Final Fantasy XII for the PS2, but not the Platinum version. So when I found this in the box, I did chuckle a bit. I now have two copies of one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made (and yes, that is my real opinion). There’s not much more I can really say about it, other than the fact that Final Fantasy XII is a huge game that is very much a marmite game; you either love it or hate it.

Gran Turismo 4 – PS2

If you’ve watched my video on my PlayStation 2 collection (which is now out of date already), you’ll know that I have had Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec for a while and said that I was planning to get Gran Turismo 4 at some point. Well, now I don’t need to since I already have it, don’t I?

I never actually managed to play Gran Turismo 4 when I was younger, so I’m actually really happy to finally have it in the collection.

Ring of Red – PS2

For those who don’t know, I’m currently counting down my top 101 games on Twitter, using the hashtag #16BitDad101. On that list is a certain mecha-based tactical RPG (of sorts) known as Ring of Red. I adore this game, even though many people didn’t enjoy it because of the relatively bad translation from Japanese to English.

However, that really shouldn’t put you off trying Ring of Red, at the very least. It’s a really deep and tactical game that makes you think with every turn!

Soul Calibur 2 – PS2

I have some great memories of Soul Calibur 2, since my wife, her sister and myself used to play mini tournaments on the game years ago. It was so much fun, but unfortunately, the disc got badly damaged and no longer worked. As such, getting my hands on it again is a wonderful feeling!

Now I’m looking forward to playing some competitive matches with my wife once again.

Xenosaga Episode 2 – PS2

This one was another game that I bought in Derby. When I saw it sitting in a shop window, I just couldn’t resist. Xenosaga is a truly incredible series, but sadly, we only got Episode 2 in Europe. Much to my surprise, the discs in the one have no scratches on then at all, and it is complete in box. So that was a brilliant find, as far as I am concerned.

Every single thing about this game stuck with me since I first played it, because it is such a great J-RPG. Now I just need to get the NTSC version of the other games.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – PS3

I’ve actually gone off Call of Duty for the most part, not really enjoying the more recent games (except for World War 2). However, I will admit that I have not played Modern Warfare 2 before, so I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Gran Turismo 5 – PS3

This really made me laugh when I saw it in the big box of games… After all, I had been planning to get Gran Turismo 4, but now I have both 4 and 5, which is awesome! Slowly but surely, I’m going to get my hands on the entire Gran Turismo series. However, there are other games that I want to get before focusing on that (most PS2 Survival Horror games).

God of War Ascension Special Edition – PS3

I’ve been a fan of God of War ever since the very first game on the PlayStation 2. The whole series is outstanding, so when I saw Ascension Special Edition (in a steel box) sitting in Mobile Game Exchange, I just had to get it! It even has a demo of The Last of Us included as well, which is awesome.

Resident Evil 5 – PS3

Now, I will admit, I don’t like Resident Evil 5 that much. Yes, I am in that camp. It isn’t a Survival Horror at all, as far as I am concerned… Instead, it is an action game with Resident Evil characters added to it. Nevertheless, it is pretty cool that I have it now. This is another series that I want to collect every game for, so this just helps me along the way.

Age of Mythology – PC

Now we get to a whole host of PC games, starting with my wife’s second favourite game of all time (Diablo 2 takes her number one spot). Age of Mythology is a really nice spin-off from the Age of Empires series that mixes a number of different cultures and their mythological creatures and beings. It is a really entertaining RTS that can really suck you in.

Arma: Armed Assault and Queen’s Gambit – PC

I’ve put these two games together because, honestly, there isn’t much I can say about them. This is because I haven’t actually played any of the Arma games, so I don’t know that much about them. I am looking forward to trying them out, though.

Battlefield 2 and Special Forces – PC

Thinking about it, in order to stop this post from being boringly long, I’m going to put expansion packs and sequels together. So, with that in mind, Battlefield 2 and its expansion were both in the big box of games. I loved Battlefield 1942 but missed out on Battlefield 2 at the time, so I’m looking forward to playing these ones.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon – PC

I used to really enjoy the Broken Sword games on the PlayStation and PC (who can forget that damnable goat), but never got around to playing The Sleeping Dragon. I always wanted to, but kept forgetting about the game entirely. Shame on me. Now I don’t have an excuse anymore, so this will be played (and probably streamed) in relatively short time.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth – PC

If you like Survival Horror, or rather a Psychological Horror, then you really need to play Dark Corners of the Earth. It’s one of the best Cthulhu inspired games that I have ever seen and will really get under your skin. The scene in the hotel when you are being chased is insane!

Commandos 1, 2 and 3 – PC

Yet another game series that I sadly didn’t get to experience in my youth, Commandos always managed to evade me (which is fitting considering the title). Thanks to the big box of games, though, I now get to play all of them! It should be a lot of fun trying to get my head around each one.

Company of Heroes – PC

There was a time when I used to love the Real-Time Strategy genre. This was driven, of course, by the likes of Command and Conquer. However, when I first played Company of Heroes I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the game. Because of this, I’m really happy that I’ll get to play it all over again.

Dark Messiah: Of Might and Magic – PC

The Might and Magic games are such great fantasy games that are fun, enjoyable and exciting. Yet, for some reason, I never managed to play Dark Messiah. I’m really looking forward to trying this one out since it has been on my backlog list for so long!

Dawn of War GOTY Edition, Dark Crusade and Winter Assault – PC

Here’s a bit of an admittance; I used to collect and play Warhammer 40,000 religiously. I spent so much money on the figures and even made my own battlefields out of polystyrene. Then, Dawn of War came along and I could enjoy Warhammer 40K digitally, instead. Dawn of War is such a great game, and now I have the expansions as well.

Deus Ex and Invisible War – PC

So what do I really need to say about Deus Ex? I mean, it is one of the best games ever released for the PC. It is just phenomenal (maybe even more than A.J Styles). Sadly, the second game isn’t as good but it is still entertaining.

Dreamfall Limited Edition – PC

I’ve heard so many great things about Dreamfall, but I never actually played it. The people I know who have played it only ever sing the game’s praises, so I’ve wanted to try it for ages. Now, I have the limited edition version with the art book as well. So yeah, that is really cool!

Evil Genius – PC

This is a game from the big box of games that I have actually never heard of! After a little bit of research, I have found out that it is a Real-Time Strategy game mixed with a simulator type experience where you have to and achieve world domination. It has been compared to the original Dungeon Keeper games, which I really enjoyed, so it should be a fun game to try.

F.E.A.R – PC

As a young adult, I never really thought that First-Person Shooters could be mixed successfully with the Horror genre. Part of this may have come from the utter failure that was Resident Evil: Survivor. Then F.E.A.R came along and changed my mind entirely. The use of Japanese Horror tropes actually worked really well and helped to turn F.E.A.R into a multi-game franchise.

Fable: The Last Chapter – PC

Despite all of the bad press that the Fable games get these days, because of the over-hyped promises made during development, they are actually very good games overall. However, I never did play The Last Chapter because I had moved onto other games. So I’ll now be able to see how the story plays out first hand.

Fallout 3 – PC

Fallout 3 is probably my second favourite in the Fallout series, beaten only by Fallout 2. I already have it on the PS3, but now that I have it on the PC, I can enjoy all of the crazy mods that available out there. It’ll be interesting to finally have a look into the mods and see what kind of game I end up with.

Gangsters 2 – PC

One of my all-time favourite movies is Goodfellas and I just generally enjoy Mafia movies (and games). So when I saw Gangsters 2 in the big box of games, I was very intrigued as I had not played it before, as is the case with quite a few of the games in that box. Visually, it looks like it is an isometric game similar to the older Fallout games or Syndicate.

Grim Fandango – PC

One thing I can definitely say is that I really enjoy games that are either experimental, downright weird, or both. Grim Fandango definitely fits into the “both” category. It was very much an underrated game at release but has since become very popular as people started to see the genius in the game. So I am really happy to manage to get my hands on it!

Haegemonia: Legions of Iron – PC

Haegemonia is a Real-Time Strategy game for the PC that I had never heard of before. It is apparently available on Steam, but there was a physical copy of it in the big box of games. From my quick and limited research, it seems like the game features a war between Earth and colonies on Mars. This is a big draw from me as that is also the most common plot basis for the Gundam anime, which I absolutely love.

Half-Life 2 – PC

This is another game that really needs no introduction. Every game out there knows what Half-Life 2 is, and the fact that we are probably never getting a Half-Life 3. I do own the game on Steam already (naturally), but now I have a physical copy of it. This is great news for me, personally, as I prefer having physical media over digital copies of games.

Hammer & Sickle – PC

Interestingly, Hammer & Sickle is a tactical role-playing game, which if you have read my blog for a while, you would know is one of my favourite genres of video games. You take the role of a Soviet commando during the Cold War, with a plot that is open-ended and changes depending on your decisions and choices.

Hidden & Dangerous – PC

I originally tried to play Hidden & Dangerous back on the original PlayStation when I was younger, but I was terrible at it. In fact, I think it may have been the first game that I ever rage quit. So now I have a chance to redeem myself and use my gaming experience to finally be able to play through the game.

Medieval Total War 2 – PC

You may have noticed that there are a lot of Real-Time Strategy games in this month’s pick-ups. The big box of games given to me by my colleague and friend was full of them. It seems as though he certainly enjoyed them a lot. The Total War series as a whole is a brilliant example of the genre, and the Medieval games within the series suit me perfectly. So I am very excited to play this one.

Rise of Nations – PC

To finish off this list, we have one more RTS game; Rise of Nations. I actually own this digitally already, which is probably a good thing as this came in the big box of games without the disc. So I have the case and manual in physical form, but the game is digital. One day I’ll buy the disc itself from somewhere, but honestly, it is pretty low on the priority list.

And That’s All Folks

That was, by far, the biggest monthly pick-ups post so far. In fact, it’ll probably stay that way for a very long time. But there are some true gems in that list, and overall, I’m really pleased with all of the games added to the collection this month.

What have you managed to get your hands on this month? Let me know in the comments below!