So I’m not the most easily offended guy… It takes a lot to make me feel offended and upset. Seriously. But that McDonald’s advert did come close. Whilst it’s not quite the absolute horror that some people say, it is incredibly distasteful.

What’s so bad about it?

Well, you see, I lost my father when I was just 3 years old. So I actually asked the exact question that the boy in the advert asks his mother. And I can tell you now, if that advert had been on then, it would have really affected me.

In short, it portrays the idea that all the emotional turmoil that you are going through at that stage is pointless, and all you need is a burger from McDonald’s to make it all go away.

That or the burger is able to mend a broken family.

It’s basically the family version of the Pepsi ad! They are showing that all of the hurt and pain can be taken away by their products.

If I were still a young boy in the emotional situation I was in at the time, I’d probably not have spoken to anyone or been able to come to terms with what happened. Why? Because I would feel I should be stronger than that and might just end up bottling it all inside me.

And that really isn’t healthy.

As someone who works in marketing, I have to say I am surprised by this and the Pepsi adverts… How on Earth they weren’t revisited before being filmed amazes me.

And like I said, I’m not even easy to offend. So I can only imagine what those people who are easy to offend must have felt.

So What Should Advertisers Do Moving Forward?

That’s pretty simple. They should learn from the mistakes of McDonald’s and Pepsi, and put more thought into their ad campaigns. Whilst no publicity is bad publicity, you need to make sure you are protecting your brand. And these guys certainly didn’t do that.

Spending a little bit more time to review and revise the script or idea before passing it to the film crew could have saved both of these companies a lot of hassle, bad press and money…

And That’s All Folks

Hopefully advertisers will start learning from these blunders and we won’t get any more adverts that exploit broken hearted, bereaved children or the suffering of one race to sell products… But I doubt it…

What are you thoughts on the McDonald’s advert? Do you think it went to far? Let me know in the comments below!

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