For those of you who don’t know, I’m lucky enough to be part of a little blogging group called the BlogVengers (you can find our posts on Twitter using #BlogVengers). The other members are all great people, and a few of us decided that we would put together some predictions for E3 2018 and see who gets it closest! We’re calling it BlogVengers: Civil War (get it?) and as part of this, there are a few rules;

  1. Make 5 predictions about the big three shows (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo)
  2. The predictions can be anything from new game announcements, to specific things you expect to happen at the show
  3. These predictions cannot be anything that has already been leaked in the news

So, with that said (and fellow BlogVengers member Jason from New Rising Media already having his predictions post live here), let’s go on with my 5 predictions for E3 2018! Oh, and if you are interested in my E3 2018 wishlist, rather than predictions, you can read that here.

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date

It’s been a very long time coming… In fact, the last real information we got about Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of a release date was all the way back in the original teaser trailer. At the end of one of the coolest first look videos of a game ever, we were treated to the following words;

Coming: When it’s ready

That is pretty typical of CD Projekt Red and, being honest, that’s one of the things I love about the developers. They’re not afraid to stick it to you and just release a game when they feel it is ready for release. That’s why The Witcher 3 was such an incredible game, after all. It’s all why I think Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be out of this world.

However, as mentioned already, that was quite some time ago. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new trailer pop up at E3 2018, finishing with a release date. But that isn’t really my prediction… This is; I predict that we’ll get a Q1 or Q2 2019 release date confirmed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake As One Game

Back in 2015, Sony’s press conference exploded with the trailers for The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3 and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Since then, we’ve had a gameplay trailer of FFVII, as well as the odd bits of news, here and there. For example, we know that the original plan was to release the remake in 3 episodic parts. There was quite a lot of worry that came along with this announcement, as well as disdain as well.

However, since then, we have heard that there were internal politics issues that lead to Square Enix taking development away from the original team and bringing the game in-house. This will likely mean that the game’s release date will be pushed back even further (of course, as it is a modern Final Fantasy game), but it could also bring one other big change… Now that the developers are all in-house, I predict that we’ll get an E3 2018 announcement that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be no longer be an episodic game.

From Software’s Next Game

For this prediction, I find myself agreeing with Jason. We all know that From Software is working on something new… Something that doesn’t look like it will be a new Dark Souls or Bloodborne game. So, if they are taking a step back from those two franchises then what could they be developing?

Well, there is one series that needs to be revived… One that was also known for its punishing difficulty and unforgiving gameplay. That series is Tenchu, and it is about time that we got a new game in the series! So, I am also predicting that the From Software logo will appear on stage, followed by an announcement trailer for Tenchu. As for which consoles it would appear on? Well, the last generation only saw Tenchu games on the Wii and Xbox 360, so I think it is a safe bet that we might not get a PS4 release. However, I’m going to live dangerously and say we get an announcement of a cross-platform Tenchu game on the PS4, Xbox One and Switch!

Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay Teaser

We got a wonderful little teaser for Metroid Prime 4 at last year’s E3, consisting of just the title appearing on the screen. That was literally it. But it was enough for the hype levels to shoot through the roof straight away. I mean, the Metroid Prime games are exquisite titles that you instantly fall in love with if you play them. So it was only natural that fans would get insanely excited about it.

A year later, and with E3 2018 rolling around, it is still too early to see any real footage of the game. However, a short gameplay teaser just to show off what the Switch can do for Metroid Prime would be perfect to keep everyone excited. Nintendo has been doing great with their reveals and trailers recently, so I predict a 30 second to 1 minute gameplay teaser of Metroid Prime to make an appearance.

Microsoft To Focus On Software, Announcing Gears 5

Last year’s Microsoft conference was so utterly filled to the brim with hardware that it actually got really old, really fast. Sure, the Xbox One X is a technical wonderbox for this generation, but there are only so many times you can hear the word “teraflop” before you fall asleep. Because of this, I think they are going to stay away from hardware for much of their conference at E3 2018. Instead, they’ll likely follow Sony’s already announced plan of focusing on software instead.

As part of this focus on games over hardware, I also predict that we will get the announcement of a fifth Gears of War game. Whilst Gears of War 4 may not have had quite the same impact as previous entries in the series, you can be sure that Microsoft won’t let that franchise died out. So, in order to drive some big hype for their console over the next year, a new Gears of War game would be a great move for the technology giant.

And That’s All Folks

I do have a lot more theories about what we will see at E3 (and what we won’t), such as Sony surprising us with some big revival of an old franchise, whilst not announcing the PS5 but at least teasing the development of it. But I’ll leave those out of the BlogVengers: Civil War game that we are playing here. As such, the above 5 predictions are my entry to this little internal competition of ours. It will be interesting to see how many I get right, and how many I get wrong.

What do you predict for E3 2018? Let me know in the comments below!