December really is the time for obligatory posts, isn’t it? Especially since it’s the end of 2019. I mean, I just did a countdown of my top games of the decade (which you can read here) and now it’s time to take a look at my goals for the next year. After all, everyone has to have goals, otherwise you’re just swimming blind.

So, I thought I’d note down my content creation goals for 2020 now so that at the end of next year, we can see how close I got to them!

Twitter – Reach 10,000 Followers

So, out of all of the Social Network, I am most active on Twitter (my profile can be found here). Over the past 3 years or so, I’ve found some really awesome people on there who I can chat to about gaming, parenting and autism, amongst other things. Twitter gets a lot of negative press but honestly, I’ve met so many great people.

As it stands, I have 9400 followers at the moment. That’s really close to this goal already, so hopefully this will be achievable. Basically, I want to grow my Twitter profile to 10,000. There’s no real reason behind this other than the fact that it would potentially mean getting to meet more awesome people!

Blog – Improve Posting Frequency

Before I started my Twitch channel, I was posting an article on here an average of three times per week. However, that’s not dropped to 1 per week. Therefore, I want to be able to build that frequency back up again. In fact, I specifically want to get to the point where I am doing 2 posts per week.

Originally, I wanted to get back to the 3 post average. However, that would probably mean a drop in quality and I am not willing to accept that. So, realistically, 2 posts per week is probably the best I can do.

My plan, as it stands at the moment, is to do 1 list post and 1 retro game review or modern game preview each week. The retro game reviews will continue to be based on the games we play on the Sunday Showcase streams on Twitch, to keep both of those aspects of the 16-Bit Dad brand connected.

YouTube – Start Publishing 2 Videos Per Month

My YouTube channel has been extremely neglected since I moved over to Twitch for the streaming. In fact, whilst I have just uploaded highlights of my reactions to The Game Awards (shown below), the previous upload was months ago. I’m not happy with that.

So, I have a plan on what I can do. I’ll be creating two different types of main content for YouTube with this plan;

  • Demo Reel – A series of videos where I play through the first 15 minutes of an RPG demo on the PS4 or Nintendo Switch, showing my initial reactions to it.
  • Gaming Blog Tutorials – This would be a series of videos covering all aspects of starting and running a gaming blog, from how to choose the right hosting service to optimising your content for SEO.

With the Demo Reel videos, I would be able to record them quickly and easily without much editing needed. They would, effectively, be like a very short livestream so that you can catch my true reactions and thoughts. Then, at the end, I would give a short summary of what I think and whether I would be interested in playing more or recommending that game.

The gaming tutorials will take more effort as I will need to script, editing and optimise them a lot more. However, hopefully it will be fun to watch and help some people!

Twitch – Grow My Average Viewers To 20

This one is probably going to be the hardest of the goals and also the one that I’m least likely to achieve, being realistic.

At the moment, my Twitch channel average viewers (over the last 30 days) comes in at 8 – and I am really thankful to all of the people who watch my streams! However, I really want to grow my Twitch streams, so that there are more great people in the 16-Bit Dad community for us all to chat with and enjoy games together with.

Specifically, by the end of 2020, I want to get my average viewership up to 20. Doing this would achieve 2 things;

  • It will mean that there are more people in chat for everyone to interact with.
  • It will push my channel further up the rankings, as it were, allowing it to slowly move towards the requirements for Twitch Partnership – I want to get to Partner so I can then improve my streams and content for everyone.

There is a lot of work involved in achieving this goal and I’m not sure whether it is possible. However, I will be doing my best!

Discord – Be More Active And Grow The Server

You may or may not know that I have a Discord server. It is where the 16-Bit Dad community (known as the Tribe) can chat and hang out between streams and whenever they like. The community is based around a set of core values;

  • No spoiling games for people.
  • No hate speech or negativity towards people.
  • A welcoming area to talk about pretty much anything, as long as it isn’t inappropriate or illegal.

However, I have never been very good at being active on Discord (both in my own server and other people’s). I need to change that, which is one of my goals for 2020. Another one is to grow the Discord server – this would likely grow alongside my Twitch, so we will see how well it works…

Patreon – Actually Make It Worth Something

My Patreon page is dead… When I say that, I mean that I haven’t touched it in ages, and there really is no reason for anyone to want to support me through it.

The reason I started a Patreon page is so that I can improve my posting and streams by getting games, equipment and more. It was designed so that any support I get is put straight back into the content generation, improving the content I can give to you all. However, the “perks” really aren’t exciting and I haven’t used the Patreon page to create incentives to support me.

So, my plan is to entirely revamp the Patreon page and connect it to both Discord and this blog. On top of that, I’ll be releasing each of the YouTube videos a few days early on Patreon, so that anyone supporting me gets to see them earlier.

However, what I don’t want to do is create content that is permanently locked behind a paywall. That’s not what 16-Bit Dad is about as a brand.

So, supporting me would get you early access to content, but I don’t want to start creating Patreon-exclusive content. I know that this is the best way to make Patreon “work”, but I feel so humbled and honoured that people want to be part of the 16-Bit Tribe that I don’t want to exclude them from anything.

This will require more thought and planning, especially when it comes to Patreon rewards… But I want to have them finalised by the end of January. From there, I can start the technical side of things, connecting Patreon to the blog and Discord, planning and implementing how it will work with both of those entities. Then, I need to start advertising it…

And That’s All Folks

Those were my goals as a content creator for 2020. Some are quite easy, but they all involve a lot of work. However, the idea behind them is that the community and my content grows and improves, meaning more fun and more people to chat to for all of you.

How you got any goals for the next year? Let me know in the comments below!