Podcasts have been around for a stupidly long time now, haven’t they? Yet I was very late to the game when it came to listening to them. In fact, it’s only been since the end of last year when I actually started to actively listen to podcasts and search them out.

Before that, the idea of just listening to someone or a group of people talk into a microphone seemed boring to me. In the words of Thorin Oakenshield; “I have never been so wrong in all my life”.

It seems that podcasts are just like games and TV shows; you need to find the ones that click with you the most in order to actually listen and enjoy them. That makes sense too and I don’t know why I never thought about it.

Yet there are a lot of podcasts out there, especially on Spotify and especially if you are looking for retro gaming ones. So, I wanted to give a sort of shout out to my favourite retro gaming podcasts that I have found so far.

New Game Plus

The first podcast on this list is one that I listen to on a weekly basis; New Game Plus. Run by three friends (Dustin, Kenny and Nolan), NGP Podcast actually was the inspiration behind how my Weekly Retro Showcase streams are setup (learn more about those here).

The trio has a master list of retro games that you can request games to be added to. From there, they pick one game each week to play and review in the next episode of the podcast. This creates some truly memorable moments, like when they went from playing Final Fantasy VIII (which I adore even though they didn’t) to playing Rugrats: Totally Angelica.

This mixture of games, alongside the fact that the three of them actually have very different tastes in games, makes for some great discussion! They’ve also had some truly notable guests, such as TheGebs24 (who actually has a guest post on this blog, here) and the David Berik (creator of Diablo and Diablo 2).

Whilst I don’t always agree with their final decisions on whether they give a game “NGP status” or not (basically a thumbs up or down), I love hearing their takes on the games that they play. It’s also really fun to join them when they stream these games on Twitch.

For each of the podcasts in this list, I will also recommend an episode to listen to that I really enjoyed. So, for New Game Plus, I would say one of their latest ones really stands out; Gitaroo Man.

Take a listen to Dustin, Kenny and Nolan talk about a weird and wonderful game that I think is a work of genius!


This next one might be considered a biased entry at first as it is created by someone I would consider both a friend of this blog and a friend in general; the Well-Red Mage. However, whilst I did first listen to MageCast out of curiosity and a desire to support a friend, I found it to be a riveting podcast that kept making me want to come back.

There’s just something that really resonates with me in how Red talks with his ensemble cast of guests. It always feels like a group of people who have known each other for years, talking about things they love. MageCast captures the close-knit friend dynamic of New Game Plus despite the fact that many of the guests only know each other through the internet.

This helps to create some of the best gaming discussions I have heard in a long time, remaining enjoyable and entertaining throughout. Plus, that opening segment never gets old!

In terms of a recommended episode, I would highly suggest listening to the Parasite Eve episode. Partly because it is a great episode and partly because I’m the guest on it!

Come listen to me and The Well-Red Mage discuss one of the greatest genre-mixing games ever!

Factory Sealed

The last retro gaming podcast that I listen to on a regular basis is actually one that I haven’t really interacted with other than listening to it. I don’t really know why, either, as the guys behind Factory Sealed all seem like very nice people.

Factory Sealed is run by four people (Eric, Dan, Tom and Mike), creating a nice mixed dynamic similar to the previous two podcasts. What also makes this interesting is that they are from different sides of “the pond”, creating a unique cultural mix as well. This all comes together to give you some truly hilarious moments in amongst a bunch of great discussions about a variety of games.

They did take a small hiatus for a while, but seem to be back now, which is great! So I am looking forward to seeing how the Factory Sealed podcast continues, moving forward!

My recommendation of an episode from Factory Sealed that you should listen to would be when they had David Hayter (yes, David bloody Hayter) on as a guest to talk about Metal Gear Solid 2!

The sheer fact that this episode of Factory Sealed has David Hayter as a guest says everything I need to say.

And That’s All Folks

Those are the three retro gaming podcasts that I, personally, would recommend. I have now listened to every single episode of each of them, which shows how much I enjoy them. Thus, naturally, I would highly recommend that you give them a follow and take a listen!

Have you got any other retro gaming podcasts that you could recommend? If so, let me and everyone else know in the comments below!