So a while back, I put together a list of my favourite Retro Gaming YouTubers as a way to try and give a bit of a shout out to them. Well, I’ve decided that I want to do the same for Twitch. I only watch a select number of Twitch streamers on a regular basis, so I would like to share them with you guys. I really enjoy all of these streamers for various reason, and I’m sure you guys will as well.

Let’s take a look, shall we? Here are my favourite Twitch streamers that I’ve found so far, in no particular order.


The first on this list is a wonderful streamer called DJS2k8, or Darren. I can’t remember what Darren was playing when I first came across his streams, but I’ve been watching him play through Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter and a bunch of retro games. He even brings his friend Chris on as well, which always leads to a huge amount of laughs. Darren is also a really nice guy who is willing to answer random questions about both Twitch and the world in general.

I’ve also fallen asleep a few times because his voice is so damn soothing! The guy is amazing and his streams are always a huge amount of fun. I would highly recommend stopping by to see his streams. If you want a quick example of what Darren’s streams are like, here’s a clip for you.

Don’t Rach Quit

I originally found Rach’s channel after seeing her on WhatCulture Gaming’s YouTube videos. In the videos, she seemed like she was a lot of fun, and when I realised that she had a Twitch channel, I thought I would check it out. Funnily enough, after lurking on one of her streams, I then created a Twitch account specifically so I could engage with her and the chat as well. So, really, Rach brought me over to Twitch, to begin with! Since then, I’ve been a semi-regular in her streams, since I can’t always make them due to family commitments.

However, I do my best to catch as many of her streams as possible, even if I have to have multiple streams open at the same time. She plays a lot of Dark Souls, and is incredibly good at the games! At the moment, Rach is playing a lot of Ashen, which is similar to Dark Souls as well, and each stream is a lot of fun! The clip you can watch here is a great example of what you can expect from her streams.


I first found TheStrange (or rather, Spawn of Odd, as “TheStrange” refers to his audience) when he was playing Silent Hill for the PS1. I really enjoyed the chat and the way in which he engages with his viewers, and that made me stay. But then, as if to make things even better, he then started streaming The Legend of Dragoon! For everyone who read through my #16BitDad101 countdown on Twitter, you’ll know that it is my second favourite game of all time. So, naturally, that pulled me into Spawn’s channel even more.

The guy is phenomenal, and we’ve had a lot of fun chatting about random stuff, including the differences between British and American English (and a bunch of more mature stuff too). Not one stream goes by without something hilarious happening! Unfortunately, it is now difficult for me to join his streams, but I still stop by at every chance that I get. Click here to watch one of my favourite clips from the channel.


Originally, I stumbled across Starheartly (or Star, for short) when looking for people streaming Final Fantasy VIII. I was bored one day and wanted to see if anyone happened to stream the game. It’s funny how that happened to be at the same time as Star streaming. This is especially true since she is in the States like TheStrange, so there’s a huge time difference. Anyway, I watched one stream and started chatting very quickly. Star is very welcoming to new audience members, so I followed her thinking the stream was interesting.

I’ll be honest, though; I wasn’t expecting to come back to her streams as much as I do, at least from that first one. However, when she went live the next time, I thought I would watch and from then, I was hooked on both her streams and the other people in chat. Star is now playing Dragon Quest (although I think she’s just about finished with it). Here’s my clip of choice to introduce you to her.


ZiralSpiral was the second streamer that I ever started watching on Twitch. I think, when I first joined her streams, she was playing StarCraft 2. I had never played StarCraft myself, but watching Ziral play it was very entertaining. She’s a generally very calm streamer, which is great when you have had a long day. Her streams help you to unwind, whilst still having a really high level of entertainment as well.

Sadly, I’ve been unable to catch Ziral’s streams for quite some time due to the timezone difference and when she is able to stream. However, she has now played through the entire Mass Effect trilogy and is currently playing The Witcher. I would highly recommend checking out her streams and videos when you get the chance! Here’s a great, recent clip so you can see why you should be watching ZiralSpiral.

And That’s All Folks

Well, there you go; those were my favourite Twitch streamers that I’ve found so far. Each one of them is incredibly entertaining to watch and they’re all awesome to chat to as well. If you’re looking for new streamers to watch, you could do yourself a huge favour by checking them all out.

Who are your favourite Twitch streamers? Let me know in the comments below!

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