Everyone out there has at least once dreamed of winning the lottery. Come on, let’s be honest… I have, many times… And with the ease of access to the lottery that the likes of Lottoland give, it’s become much easier to try and win. In fact, I even have a bucket list of the things I would do if I won the lottery. I’ve sad many times throughout my life that I would either invest a lot of it, or spend it all in a matter of days. There isn’t really much between those two extremes.

Of course, the first of those options wouldn’t be very interesting to write about, would it? So, instead, we are going to look at the second option and see just how I could spend my imaginary lottery winnings in just a matter of days.

6. Build A Smart Hobbit House

Most people out there would buy themselves a mansion or London penthouse if they won the lottery. Myself, on the other hand; I would buy a nice plot of land outside of a decent village and then build myself a real hobbit house. By that, I mean actually creating the mound, building the rounded wooden rooms and creating the full hobbit house effect.

However, I would also then proceed to make it a smart house, with fully networked lighting and heating, media centres and a full gaming room all set up for fun and streaming. I even have the plans for this particular house hand drawn on a few pieces of paper somewhere in my actual house.

5. Buy A Whole Host of Retro Games

This one should be an obvious one, really… I mean, what did you expect to see on this list? Naturally, I would go on a massive shopping spree across as many retro gaming shops around the country that I could. I’d buy the rarest games I could find for as many systems as I want to collect for and probably finish off the PS2 collection in its entirety.

I would also commission a bunch of arcade cabinets for the hobbit house gaming room. However, I wouldn’t stop at just getting my hands on enough for the game room. I’d buy or commission a hundred or so arcade cabinets, each with classic games and some rarer ones too. That leads perfectly to the next item in this bucket list.

4. Open An Arcade Cafe

Once I had gotten all of those arcade cabinets, I would buy (or rent, if I had to) a large space like a warehouse or big office in a decent location and decorate it with awesome retro gaming memorabilia, install a small kitchen, hire some staff and open an Arcade Cafe! You would be able to enjoy burgers, wraps and other food whilst playing a bunch of amazing retro games on actual arcade machines.

I wouldn’t run the cabinets on a coin system though. Instead, you’d be able to buy a certain amount of time within the arcade section of the cafe, with different tiers for different prices. That way, you can play a game as much as you want within that time frame.

3. Build A Top End Gaming PC Inside A PS3

A lot of gamers (especially those who stream, as I have started to do on YouTube) would love to have a really powerful and top-end gaming PC. That’s pretty much a given. However, I would prefer to build my own in a truly personal fashion, by taking apart a broken PlayStation 3 and building the PC inside. This would require more time and money than a “standard” gaming PC, though.

Why? Because I would need to find a way to fit every component within the PS3’s rather small case, as I wouldn’t want to expand the case and ruin the aesthetics.

2. Start A Video Game Development Company

Moving on to the penultimate thing that I would do if I won the lottery and decided not to just invest the money would be to open a video game development company. I would like to focus on Survival Horror games and RPGs, unsurprisingly. I mean, they are my favourite genres, after all.

Considering it would basically be an indie development company, that would mean that we wouldn’t be constrained by the corporate viewpoints of stockholders. This, in turn, means that we could create games that feature more experimentation than the modern AAA game.

1. Go On A Space Tour

Finally, once I had sorted out all of the previous items on this lottery win bucket list, I would put the rest of the lottery winnings into one of the coolest things anyone could ever do! That, specifically, would be to take a Space Tour. In other words, I would pay to go into orbit for about an hour.

This would be a dream come true for me, as I would get to see this delightful planet from above.

And That’s All Folks

Those were the 6 things on my bucket list if I won the lottery. A lot of them would be incredibly fun for me. Here’s hoping that one day, I’ll be able to do them all.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Let me know in the comments below!