My Personal Favourite Bloggers Of 2018 So Far

I’ve sort of been putting this post off for a while now, even though it was on my Blog Planner to write in January… Why? Because there’s no way that I can catch every single blogger that I read in such a post, and I’m worried some people might be upset. So, first things first; if you’re a blogger and reading this, and you’re not on the list, that isn’t anything negative towards you. This is a list of my personal favourite bloggers that I will never miss a post of, or who I have come to know more personally. There are thousands of great bloggers out there, so this is certainly not a definitive list. It is just my personal preference.

So, with that little disclaimer out of the way, today I wanted to give a shout out to all the bloggers who have seriously inspired me, kept me coming back post after post, or have been incredibly helpful and supportive.

Dad Blog UK – John Adams

I’ll start with John Adams of Dad Blog UK, who has probably been the biggest inspiration for me in terms of blogging. He covers all aspects of being a Dad, as well as being a stay at home Dad. I’ve actually learnt an awful lot of my own parenting knowledge from reading his posts and adapting his advice to my own family situations.

He posts very regularly, and also have a YouTube channel full of reviews and other types of videos.

On top of this, he is very friendly and helpful, answering unsolicited questions on Twitter as well as joining in conversations as well. If you’re looking for an awesome Dad blogger to follow, I would definitely recommend checking him out!

My favourite post: The problem with shared parental leave: No ring-fenced leave for dads

The DadVenturer – Dave

Apart from having one of the coolest names for a blog ever, Dave also has a very slick minimalist design to his blog, which makes reading his articles really easy on the eye. On top of this, he has great humour in his articles that I could only dream of replicating. Despite having his face stolen in Very’s Christmas advert, he’s definitely one of the nicest guys I’ve spoken with online (and by “spoken”, I mean tweeted with, if that’s the right way to say it).

Incidentally, his posts about pregnancy are a must-read for any expecting parents, and overall, his writing style is just fun to read through!

My favourite post: Sharing My Top 5 CBeebies Hotties

Juicy Game Reviews – Gemma

Whilst I get the feeling that most people know Gemma from her YouTube channel (TheGebs24), she also runs the blog Juicy Game Reviews, which covers both retro and modern games. Her reviews are really in depth and well written, featuring games that I’ve never heard of. So yeah, a blog that expands my gaming knowledge is more than worth a follow! I never miss a blog post or YouTube upload (although I often miss her livestreams).

My favourite post: Unirally – 3 reasons why it’s the most difficult SNES game ever

The Well Red Mage

Despite being run and maintained by one individual (The Well Red Mage) this “blog”, or rather “long form gaming journalism alternative”, has reviews written by a team of genius writers who are able to really drill down into a game. Every post is details, thorough and extremely well planned out, covering a game with so much focus. And yet, the reviews and posts are written so well that they will keep your interest throughout the entire read. On top of this, The Well Red Mage themselves holds large-scale conversations on the video game industry or gaming journalism, to name just two subjects!

My favourite post: Anatomy of a Game Review #002: “The Point of Points”

The BlogVengers

Okay, so the rest of this list is going to basically shout out all of my fellow BlogVengers group members. Each of them has a blog of their own, and they are all insanely supportive of each other (and of me).

C9 Blogs – Colin

A fellow member of the BlogVengers group, Colin writes about mental health and other health-related issues. Despite not posting regularly, his posts are a great read, and he is definitely one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure to “meet” online.

My favourite post: In The “Moment”…

The Next Avenger – Annie

One thing that all of the BlogVengers have in common is that there a whole lot of geek in us. Annie is no exception, and her blog posts certainly show that, amongst other aspects of her life. She’s an actress as well, which is just awesome, don’t you think? I look forward to her documenting what it is like when she makes it big as the next Avenger! Oh, and she even went Sugar-Free to raise moment for Cancer Research, which I could never manage.

My favourite post: Going Sugar Free

The Aspiring Kryptonian – Tasmin

If you hadn’t guess by the name of Tasmin’s blog, she’s a huge DC Comics fan, especially Superman. In fact, she has one of the coolest Superman collections I have ever seen! On The Aspiring Kryptonian you’ll find incredibly detailed and in-depth reviews and discussion about various DC Comics issues, TV shows and a whole lot more. In other words, a whole host of fun that even Lex Luther couldn’t stop.

My favourite post: Superman Collection Update – 05.03.18

Supernerdydad Reviews

Since Supernerdydad doesn’t publish his real name online, I’m gonna be respectful and not list it here. However, what I can say is that his reviews of movies are absolutely top notch, just like he is! Going back and analysing the movies he both loved and hated when he was younger (or has never seen before), the fact that Supernerdydad remains honest and objective is amazing!

My favourite post: Dragonball Evolution: Why I Stopped Watching After 15 Minutes

Man VS Adulthood – Ross

The first thing to say about Ross is that he never shies away from touch topics. Having posts covering things like gaming and gun violence, he looks at life with a really down to Earth perspective, which is a really refreshing thing to see in this day and age. If you’re looking for a mature take on the world, written in a fun yet responsible way, Ross is your guy!

My favourite post: Video Games vs Mass Shootings

And That’s All Folks

There we have it; a list of my personal favourite bloggers of 2018 so far – bloggers that I always keep up to date with, even if I don’t comment much on actual posts. These guys and ladies are all wonderful bloggers and great people. They deserve your time, so go and check them out! I’m sure you’ll enjoy their content just as much as I do.

Do you have a favourite blogger? Let me know in the comments below so I can go and check them out too!