My Top 7 Dead PlayStation Games And Series That Should Be Revived

Recently a fellow BlogVengers member, Jason from New Rising Media, published a post about his top 10 PlayStation game series that have bit the bullet but should be resurrected (here). As Jason has recently done a rebuttal post (aka a counter-argument) to my top 7 Survival Horror games, I thought I would return the favour! As such, I’m going to list out my personal top 7 dead PlayStation games and series that need to be revived, but probably never will be.

You see, during the PlayStation and PS2 eras, there were so many incredible games that fell by the wayside as we moved into the yearly blockbuster territory of FIFA, Call of Duty and other such games. It’s a real shame, so I want to bring some attention to a few more of these amazing games!


The first series on our list started off so strong, with a really unique take on the Survival Horror genre. You were the experiment, a young boy who had now become a Galerian, having to battle your way through the humans who were trying to kill you. This, as well as the cyberpunk-esque storyline, creepy atmosphere and psychic abilities made for an awesome and memorable experience that means Galerians is still in my top 7 games of all time. The sequel, Galerians: Ash, wasn’t anywhere near as good, unfortunately. That lead to the series ending there and then, even though it could have been something so much bigger.

However, as technology and game design have evolved considerably since Galerian’s original PSX release, I am confident that a new sequel could be made that recaptures the brilliance of the original. I doubt that we’ll ever get an official sequel developed normally, but I’m still hoping for a random Kickstarter campaign by the guys from (now defunct) Crave Entertainment to appear for it. I’d back it in an instant!

Parasite Eve

Ok, so I know we got a third game related to Parasite Eve on the PSP, but The 3rd Birthday was so far removed from the original two games and the book/movie they are based upon, that it didn’t have “Parasite Eve” in the name. The original game was a clever yet risky mix between the Survival Horror and J-RPG genres that worked out far better than it should have done. The story about the evolution of mitochondria was also intriguing. Thankfully, they made a direct sequel in Parasite Eve 2 (see my review here). Whilst this may not have been as popular as the first game, I still really enjoy it.

Therefore, I would love to see Square come back to the Parasite Eve franchise and give us a proper Parasite Eve 3, rather than an action shooter full of random and pointless fan service.

Zone of the Enders

I’m a huge fan of mecha anime and games. The fact that I’m trying to get all of the Gundam games (there’s a list here) and even wrote a guide on how to get started with the Gundam anime (here) should let you know how much I love the genre. One of my favourite mecha game series that I have played was Zone of the Enders by Konami. The first game came out early in the lifespan of the PS2 and instantly captured my heart (see my review here). Then, the second game came out and changed much of the gameplay but was still a great game in its own right.

Sadly, with Konami’s change in focus and ethos, it is pretty safe to say that the series is all but in the grave now. I mean, there have been HD Remasters, but an actual sequel would be amazing. But even if they did decide to bring it back, after what has happened to the Metal Gear franchise recently, I’d be worried that they’ll just end up ruining it.

The Getaway

Next, we have one of the games that Jason also included in his list. The Getaway was pretty much a Grand Theft Auto clone set in London. What set it apart was the realism achieved at the time. Whilst it may have been a scaled-down version of the city, The Getaway included a rather realistic recreation of London, with all of the big sights and sounds at the time. The cars each handled vastly different as well, and even the voice acting felt rather correct for London too (at least at the time). The series saw two games be released; The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday. Both were really fun (you can read my review of The Getaway here), and didn’t feel like clones of GTA. Instead, they stood on their own.

However, after Black Monday, the series just started to fade away. Since then, fans of The Getaway have been hoping for a new game in the series. But with the likes of True Crime being effectively repackaged as Sleeping Dogs for the PS3 (amongst other consoles), we’ll probably never see another The Getaway game. However, there is a chance for a spiritual sequel, like Sleeping Dogs to True Crime. One can hope, right?

Dino Crisis

You know what? I actually prefer the Dino Crisis games to most of the PSX Resident Evil games (except for Resident Evil 2). The first Dino Crisis really managed to capture the sheer terror that you could feel when being hunted by a velociraptor. Meanwhile, the second took a slightly more action-orientated style but made it work. The storylines were incredibly fun as well, keeping you on edge even though they were dealing with time travel. Everything about the first two Dino Crisis games just came together brilliantly.

Unfortunately, for Dino Crisis 3, Capcom decided that a space adventure would be the best direction for the game. It had nothing to do with the original 2 games except for dinosaur-like enemies, and saw the characters flying around on jetpacks. Then we also got Dino Stalker, also known as Gun Survivor 3, which was actually part of the Resident Evil: Survivor series of games, just to make things muddled and confusing. This was actually a pretty good game for the Survivor series, but still missed everything great about Dino Crisis. Therefore, I would love to see a proper Dino Crisis sequel (or at least a remake) in the near future… But it will probably never happen.

Koudelka & Shadow Hearts

I make no attempt to hide the fact that Koudelka is my all time favourite game. I mean, you just need to read my review (here) to know what I think about this classic masterpiece. Heck, I’ve even had a Q&A session with the director of Koudelka (here). So yeah, it should come as no surprise that it made this list. However, Koudelka did actually get a series of sequels known as Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts Covenant and Shadow Hearts: From The New World. Apart from the last one, all of these games were incredibly enjoyable and featured a cool new take on the turn-based combat you see in most J-RPGs. The storylines were very dark, even featuring the likes of Rasputin, yet mixed in a healthy dose of comedy as well.

Koudelka and the Shadow Hearts games were not for the faint-hearted, but they were incredible games. And whilst the third one wasn’t quite up to the previous standard, the series didn’t deserve to die out. As such, I would love to see it finally get revived.

The Legend of Dragoon

And so we come to the number 1 game that should be revived with a remake or a sequel. For those of you who don’t know, The Legend of Dragoon was nicknamed “the Final Fantasy VIII Killer”, which is a huge statement to make. But unlike all of the “WoW Killers” out there, The Legend of Dragoon stood a chance! It was an epic 4 disc RPG adventure featuring one of the most exciting and original combat systems that I have ever seen in a J-RPG. On top of this, the storyline was incredible and the characters were all relatable and loveable.

The game was, and still is, a work of art. However, it has now been almost 19 years since it was released. As such, it has faded into obscurity, with only retro gaming collectors and fans really seeming to remember it. This, in turn, has made it incredibly valuable and hard to get hold of without emulating it. Because of this, the time really has come for a remake or a sequel. I mean, if we could get an announcement of either by the 20th anniversary of The Legend of Dragoon, I would lose my mind. In fact, I’d be more excited than I was when the FF7 Remake was announced. The Legend of Dragoon is a Sony IP, so come on Sony, just give us what we want and bring out a remake or sequel! The time is now!

And That’s All Folks

Those were my top 7 dead PlayStation games and series that I would love to see revived. There are a whole host of other games that also deserve to be resurrected, but those are the ones I would be most excited about.

What are your favourite PlayStation games or series that you would like to see make a comeback? Let me know in the comments below!