I’ve been putting this post off for a while since there were so many similar posts coming up at the same time. Plus, this list is absolutely going to be based on my own preferences. It won’t be built on what would sell the most or what would be most popular. This list probably won’t feature all of the games people will expect it to include either, so I’ve been a little worried that it would upset people.

However, I really want to make this list, so I am. The warnings have now been put in place, so here are the top 7 games that I want to see on the PlayStation Classic!

7. Silent Hill

We’ll start this list off with an absolute classic Survival Horror game that more than deserves to be brought back to life on the PlayStation Classic; Silent Hill. Whilst the Silent Hill series did take a huge downward turn after Team Silent disbanded, the first four games were all amazing and this was where it all started! For the time, Silent Hill was actually a really scary game that showcased just how good the PlayStation could be for horror games.

The developers put so much effort into it, creating a semi-open world that actually worked within the limitations of the PlayStation’s hardware. This was done using the fog that is not synonymous with the Silent Hill series. This game was groundbreaking and started one of the most successful Survival Horror franchises to date!

6. Parasite Eve

The next game on this list of games that I want to see on the PlayStation Classic is Parasite Eve. Made by Squaresoft, Parasite Eve attempted to merge the active time battle system from Final Fantasy with the radial targeting system of Vagrant Story, mixed into a Survival Horror type of setting and storyline. Oh, and it did it brilliantly! This “cinematic RPG” was truly unique but was sadly never released in Europe.

Whilst we did get Parasite Eve 2, the first game is such an iconic entry into the PlayStation’s library. Because of that, I really hope it gets included in the PlayStation Classic’s list of games. That way, those of us in Europe who haven’t imported it would finally be able to get their hands on it!

5. Koudelka

One game on this list that is well and truly here because of my own opinion of it is Koudelka. I simply adore this game so much and it really didn’t get the marketing push or publicity that it needed to be a success. The game is a great example of the experimentation that went into game development back in the PlayStation era. Mixing Survival Horror style gameplay with tactical RPG battles, Koudelka was such a different game than anything else coming out on the console.

The PlayStation Classic would be a great way to bring attention to this oft-forgotten game. And in my opinion, that is something that the PlayStation Classic should be used for. I know it won’t be, as they need to include games that will ensure it gets sold… But this is my list so I’m including Koudelka!

4. Resident Evil 2

Seeing as how I just said that Sony will be putting games on the PlayStation Classic that will make it sell, one of those games is definitely Resident Evil 2. But you know what? I would be very happy with that. Resident Evil 2 is still my favourite in the series. It opened up the tension so much, added in cinematic style storytelling and gave us the Lickers and Birkin! I mean, what’s not to like about that? And yes, I know that the remake is coming out just over a month after the release of PlayStation Classic. That probably means that it won’t be on the PlayStation Classic.

However, if they were going to feature a Resident Evil game on the PlayStation Classic, I would say they should go for the best one on the console. That absolutely has to be Resident Evil 2, in my opinion.

3. Ergheiz: God Bless The Ring

Next on the list is another game I am including because of personal taste. In fact, it’s the same for the last two on this list as well. Anyway, Final Fantasy VII is already included on the PlayStation Classic so why not go for the full FFVII fan adoration by including a 3D fighting game that includes characters from Final Fantasy VII? Well, that would be Ergheiz: God Bless The Ring. Whilst it isn’t a groundbreaking or particularly innovative fighting game, it’s incredibly fun!

There’s also a dungeon crawler RPG built into it as well that is both massively challenging but also really fun to try and work your way through. So not only do you get a great fighting game but you also get an RPG as well!

2. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

On to the penultimate entry in this list of 7 games, I would like to see on the PlayStation Classic and we have Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete. I’m such a huge fan of the Lunar games. The two PlayStation versions of the games are beyond outstanding, with hours upon hours of entertainment. However, they are also very hard to get hold of these days if you don’t already own them. This rarity is actually a real shame, as it means that many people will miss out on these great games.

Out of the two, Lunar 2 is probably my favourite. It just felt more grandiose, with a sprawling storyline and great characters. The game features humour, sadness, happiness and anger at different times in the storyline, all handled brilliantly. I would love to see Lunar 2 make an appearance on the PlayStation Classic, just so that more people could play it!

1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

And so we come to the final entry on this list, and yes, I know that Castlevania is being upscaled and released on the PlayStation 4 so we won’t be seeing it on the PlayStation Classic. However, if Sony wanted to include games that defined their wonderful console in the eyes of fans, this would be one of the top games on those lists! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night needs no introduction or explanation other than “it’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”.

As a Metroidvania game and the epitome of that genre on the PlayStation, this is one game that they really should include on the PlayStation Classic. It would actually feel like a disservice if it were not present!

And That’s All Folks

That was my list of the top 7 games I would like to see on the PlayStation Classic. Obviously, there are a whole host of other amazing games that I would include on the console… Way more than 20. There are just my top picks.

What games would you want to see on the PlayStation Classic, if you think about your own opinions and not what would be “best for business”? Let me know in the comments below.