With the absolutely stunning Resident Evil 2 Remake on the horizon, as well as Final Fantasy VII’s remake someone in the development aether, I’ve been thinking about the various games throughout the years that I would love to see get a remake or remaster. Some of them could do with the full “remake” trilogy like the aforementioned Resident Evil 2 and FFVII, whilst others could work very well by just having the graphics updated.

So, let’s take a look at my top 7 retro games that I would love to see a remake or remaster of!

7. Dino Crisis 2

Recently, Capcom announced (in their investor’s meeting) that they were looking at reviving older IPs and series through further remakes, similar to the Resident Evil 2 Remake. For a lot of people, this spread the excitement of a potential Resident Evil 3 or Devil May Cry remake. However, I would prefer to see Dino Crisis 2 get the remake treatment. Out of the 3 Dino Crisis games (4 if you include the Dino Stalker lightgun game), the second game in the series is definitely my favourite.

The first game was a nice change of enemy style from the Resident Evil games, but it didn’t feel like it really added anything new to the Survival Horror genre. So when Capcom changed gears and turned Dino Crisis 2 into a fast-paced action game, it actually worked really well. Thinking about it, it is strange that I enjoyed that sort of change with Dino Crisis but hated the change to action games for the Resident Evil series. Anyway, I digress – Dino Crisis 2 would be a brilliant game to bring back on modern consoles, as the gameplay was already very polished and had enough action to attract a younger audience (to an extent, based upon age ratings).

6. Rival Schools: United by Fate

Fighting games have really seen a huge boom in popularity once again in recent years. Part of that can definitely be put down to the eSports world where games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken have seen huge resurgences. However, there was one fighting game on the original PlayStation that I enjoyed more than any of the others; Rival Schools: United by Fate.

The game featured a semi-tag team system where your partner in the fight could only be called when you fill up your Vigor, effectively making them a special move. The controls were intuitive and the characters were entertaining and weird. If we got a remake or remaster of Rival Schools, I would pre-order it within an instant (or as soon as I had some cash). But one thing that would make the game even better than its original form would be the inclusion of online multiplayer. Beating your friends whilst they sit on the sofa next to you was fun, but being able to fight against people all over the world would really help build Rival Schools up even more.

5. Wild ARMS 2

Back on the PlayStation 2, the original Wild ARMS got a remake called Wild ARMS: Alter Code F. To this day, I would consider it one of the best remakes I have ever had the joy of playing (alongside the Resident Evil Remake on Gamecube). After playing through Alter Code F and seeing what the developers managed to do to improve the original game, I instantly wanted a remake of Wild ARMS 2. Once again, it is my favourite in the series and it improved on almost everything that made the first game amazing.

Wild ARMS, as a series, has long since disappeared from the video game industry (with the exception of a potential mobile game in the future)… This is really sad as, despite the lack of commercial success, the games were awesome. Wild ARMS 2, itself, offered a great storyline, brilliant J-RPG gameplay and some really awesome music to top it all off. I wouldn’t say that we need a remake of Wild ARMS 2, but that it is a game that only needs to be remastered!

4. Shadow Hearts

It may surprise you that Koudelka isn’t on this list as it is to me what Metal Gear Solid is to Rob from PlayStation Access (in that I include it in so many lists). However, because it has such a huge place in my heart already, I wouldn’t ever want to run the risk of it being ruined by remaking it. However, the sequel to Koudelka would make a great game to remake for the PS4 and Xbox One; Shadow Hearts. This was the first in a trilogy of games that featured one of the more unique J-RPG battle systems and some of the darkest storytelling in an RPG that I have ever played.

Dealing with everything from people who can fuse with monsters, demons making contracts with humans, murder, suicide and God being an alien, it had everything including the kitchen sink. These days, it might not be one of the most acceptable games due to the subject matter, but that doesn’t take away from just how epic Shadow Hearts really is. Sadly, just like Koudelka, all three of the Shadow Hearts game largely went under the radar. A remake could bring new fans into the series who could then experience these incredible games.

3. Resident Evil: Outbreak

Out of all of the Resident Evil games, other than Resident Evil 2 (as it’s my favourite), the one I would like to see get a remake or remaster the most would be Resident Evil: Outbreak. I reviewed the game quite some time ago (here) and spoke about how it was a brilliant update to the traditional Resident Evil formula. The multiplayer also added both a challenge and sense of hilarity as you and others online tried to communicate and survive.

By remaking the game for the PS4, Xbox One and even the Switch, the sheer amount of players could be increased massively and we could have a true Resident Evil experience that we can all play together. It would also be amazing for streamers as well, especially if they put both RE: Outbreak and Outbreak File 2 together in one game!

2. Parasite Eve

The penultimate entry on my list of 7 games I want to get a remake or remaster of is Parasite Eve for the PlayStation. It blended Survival Horror and turn-based RPGs together into one game and pulled it off brilliantly. Based on a very scientific horror novel by a Japanese author and pharmacologist, Hideaki Sena, the game features the theory that mitochondria could evolve and decide to become the dominant species in the world.

It’s full of body horror and gore, but with a very deep and dark storyline as well as very relatable and realistic characters. However, it was never released in Europe, so a modern remake could be a great way to let people enjoy it that missed the game the first time.

1. The Legend of Dragoon

Finally, there is just one game left on the list and it is, by far, the game I want to see a remake (or even a sequel) of for modern consoles; The Legend of Dragoon! I record a video review of the game on YouTube (which you can watch below) because I adore the game so much! In fact, it is my second favourite game of all time!

The storyline could do with some fixes in places, but overall, it is outstanding. The combat is phenomenal, adding just enough to the traditional J-RPG formula that it feels completely different yet familiar at the same time. Everything about the game is awesome, except for the fact that it faded into obscurity and we never got a sequel. Whilst I would prefer a new The Legend of Dragoon game, a remake of this absolute classic would be just as epic!

And That’s All Folks

Those were the top 7 games that I would love to see get the remake or remaster treatment. Each one was an incredibly enjoyable game in its own right but would also work well on modern consoles. I know that, realistically, these games are probably all long dead, but I will keep dreaming forever…

What games would you most want to see get a remake or remaster? Let me know in the comments below!

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