My Top 7 Retro Gaming YouTubers

One great thing about the retro gaming community is how many amazing people there are within it. From great bloggers, which will be a future list, to a whole host of different YouTubers, retro gaming has a huge community of wonderful people. To celebrate that, I wanted to bring attention to some of the retro gaming YouTube channels and YouTubers that I watch on a regular basis.

So, with that said, here is a list of my top 7 retro gaming YouTubers. It’s a mixed bag of different channel types, but I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them. Hopefully, you will too!

7. Retro Game Rater

Retro Game Rater‘s channel features a bunch of short, easy to digest reviews are a variety of different retro games. However, whilst the reviews are incredibly well put together and informative, it is his personality that really makes the videos great. His review of Halo: Combat Evolved definitely showcased his personality the best, making for a brilliant video that kept me hooked throughout the review.

Every Friday, Retro Game Rater releases a new review and covers all manner of games from a variety of consoles. If you’re wondering what retro games to play and which ones to avoid, then Retro Game Rater’s channel is a must-watch!

6. Smackers

I’ve only recently found Smackers‘ channel on YouTube but it’s already gotten to the point where I don’t want to miss one of his livestreams. Having completed Resident Evil 3 on stream, as well as Silent Hill, it was a lot of fun to watch his reactions and engage with him during the streams. Now Smackers is playing through Silent Hill 2 (blind) and Resident Evil: Outbreak. His reactions to the likes of Pyramid Head are hilarious and each stream is so fun to watch.

The streams are certainly not PG, but they are just so enjoyable that I can’t help myself but laugh or find myself getting really engaged with his content. You should definitely check him out!

5. Top Hat Gaming Man

As a fellow Brit, I must say that I find the Top Hat Gaming Man‘s accent amusing. I certainly don’t speak with such an accent, but it makes the videos sound so much better than if he were to speak with a more “central England” accent. His videos that feature travelling and handheld gaming around the world are very unique and different to anything else that I have watched.

On top of this, his take on (and ongoing coverage of) the current CeX scandal with copied cases is really well done. I have been watching his videos for a while and never find them boring.

4. TheGebs24

When it comes to pick-up videos, one of the most enjoyable channels that I have come across has to be TheGebs24. Each one of her videos completely shows how much love she has for retro gaming, especially when it comes to the SNES. On top of that, I generally don’t enjoy Call of Duty, but her livestreams of the game are actually really enjoyable. She interacts with the viewers a lot which is great and also makes the game fun to watch.

Gemma has also uploaded a number of “real talk” videos that are far more serious in nature but still feature her entertaining personality. They deal with a host of different subjects in a way that is mature and down to Earth, yet still enjoyable. If you’re looking for a friendly and relatable retro gaming YouTuber, then TheGebs24 is the perfect channel for you!

3. BeatEmUps

Whilst not 100% a retro gaming channel, BeatEmUps is definitely worth watching. His recent unboxing video of all of the games he struggled to bring over from Australia was amazing to see, and as with the other YouTubers on this list, he lets his personality shine through. The videos feature very common vlogging cuts and edits, which make them easy to watch whilst also keeping your attention as well.

He’s published loads of Nintendo Switch videos as well, which is great for me as I intend to get a Switch in the future so his videos help me work out what I would like to get for the console when I finally buy one.

2. Pixel Game Squad

So, pick-up videos and game hunting is a staple of the retro gaming YouTube community. A huge amount of channels (myself included) have done these types of videos. However, as mentioned earlier, I tend to find many of them a bit dull. They tend to lack personality and that’s what really makes you connect with a YouTuber. That certainly isn’t the case for the Pixel Game Squad videos!

Each episode feels like you are actually watching a comedy TV show, like an episode of a retro gaming themed Sit-Com. The editing is brilliant and every single one of the Pixel Game Squad has their own personality which shows through in droves. I often find myself laughing at the show because of the humour, as well as smiling at how much love the Squad have for all things retro gaming.

1. Metal Jesus Rocks

It probably won’t come as a surprise that Metal Jesus Rocks is at the top of this list. I mean, his channel is huge anyway, but he’s also incredibly enjoyable to watch. His hidden gem videos can be really helpful when trying to find what games to buy that you haven’t played before. On top of that, his videos with the Metal Jesus Crew are often hilarious, especially the $5 challenge videos that he publishes.

I also love the honesty in his videos, and the unscripted nature makes everything feel realistic and down to Earth. Also, the random sound effects he puts in during editing, like when he and Radical Reggie fistbump, make some truly amusing little moments. He’s also really knowledgeable about the various games and systems that he has.

And That’s All Folks

Well, there you have it. That was a list of my top 7 retro gaming YouTubers that I watch on a very regular basis. They have all influenced my own YouTube channel as well, helping me define my own content. Each one is incredibly enjoyable to watch and I would definitely recommend checking them all out.

Who are your favourite retro gaming YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below!