As we get closer to E3 2018 (can you believe it is just next week), it should come as no surprise that I’ll be writing posts about it. I mean, it is the biggest gaming event of the year, after all. But rather than start off my E3 series of posts with a predictions post (that’ll come later), I thought it would be fun to begin with an E3 2018 wishlist.

In essence, this is a list of games that I would love to see announced at E3 2018, even though the chances of it happening are next to none. That is, after all, why it is a wishlist. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

The Legend of Dragoon HD Remake

Now, I was going to put this list in order, sorted by the level of hype I would feel if these games were announced. However, that was impossible as it would all be the same. That is, with the exception of one – if an HD remake (or a sequel) to The Legend of Dragoon were to be announced at E3 2018, I would probably scream… And that would make a very amusing moment on the livestream reaction to the Sony conference that I am going to do (make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me).

You see, I fell completely in love with The Legend of Dragoon as soon as I played it back on the PSX. The story was brilliant for the time, truly earning the “epic fantasy” name. On top of that, the battle system mixed traditional turn-based J-RPG mechanics with a combo system. This made the gameplay insanely engaging and added a brand new twist to combat. The Legend of Dragoon is an amazing game, and it is about time it resurfaced! Seriously, Sony… Please?

Parasite Eve 3

Can you believe I own the English translation of the novel that inspired the movie that the Parasite Eve games are sequels to? Man, that was a long sentence. But I think it shows just how invested I was (and still am) in the Parasite Eve series as a whole. In fact, years ago I did a let’s play of Parasite Eve 2 as my very first set of gameplay videos. I’ve seen the movie countless times, even though it isn’t really that good, and the novel is one of the few books I’ve read more than five times (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Interview with the Vampire being the others). I adore this franchise.

Now, whilst I don’t think Square Enix technically own the rights to Parasite Eve anymore, so this will likely forever be a dream, I would love it if Aya Brea turned up on the screen at E3 and a new sequel was announced. Hopefully, it would also ignore The 3rd Birthday, which wasn’t a sequel but more of a complete departure from the series.

Final Fantasy Tactics 2

If you haven’t read my review of Final Fantasy Tactics, I would suggest you go and take a look here. Despite all of the Final Fantasy games that have been released over the years, both outstanding and terrible, Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSX remains my all-time favourite in the series. In fact, I even enjoyed the Gameboy Advance Final Fantasy Tactics spin-off series. The world of Ivalice is just so vast and deep, expanded upon further by Final Fantasy XII and its direct sequel.

However, we haven’t really had much in the way of Final Fantasy Tactics since then. The latest connections we have had is Ramza (the lead character) being added to Dissidia and descendants of the characters appearing in the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. All of this gives me hope that we might get a remake of Final Fantasy Tactics or a sequel. Hopefully Square Enix don’t consider the FFXIV expansion as a sequel, and actually give us a new Final Fantasy Tactics game.

Shadow Hearts 4 or Koudelka 2

Now, I’ve said it multiple times before, both in posts and my review of Koudelka (here), but it is my all-time favourite game ever made. I even managed to get in touch with Kikuta-san, the original director of the game, who agreed to answer some questions for me (here). I’ve played all three of the Shadow Hearts games as well, feeling both shocked and stupidly excited when I found out that the first Shadow Hearts game was a sequel to Koudelka, with the main character (named Koudelka) actually making an appearance.

However, the third game didn’t really do very well and that was the end of the series. That was back on the PS2, so now that we’ve gotten to the PS4 Pro & Xbox One X generation, it’s time we get a new game. These are some of the most unique RPGs, with hilarious comedy and great (but very dark) storylines.

Galerians 3

Do you like Survival Horror? How about RPGs? Well, Galerians and its sequel, Galerians: Ash, mix both of these with some incredibly dark and horrific story elements. Dealing with children who were genetically experimented on to create a new breed of humans, the story is really deep. There’s a lot of blood and gore in the game, from the backgrounds to the fact that you can effectively pop enemies’ heads when you go berserk.

The second game wasn’t very well received and the first game didn’t get a lot of attention, which pretty much put the nail in the coffin for the duology. However, I have never stopped hoping for it to become a trilogy. The Galerians games are an amazing experience that every Survival Horror fan should play. Because of this, I really think it is about time we got a new sequel. Shenmue 3 is coming through Kickstarter (eventually), so maybe Galerians can go down the same route? Hopefully, E3 2018 will be the time it gets announced.

New Amnesia

Sticking with the horror genre, the next game that I would absolutely love to see at E3 2018 is a new Amnesia game. The first in the series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent was an outstanding first-person horror game where you couldn’t fight back. The developers pretty much created that type of horror game with their game Penumbra, which has gone on to influence the likes of Outlast and even Resident Evil 7. The sequel, A Machine for Pigs, took this formula and improved it in so many ways. Fear was the focus here and the developers delivered it in troves.

Considering how important and influential Amnesia (and Penumbra) were to the current horror game industry, I think now would be a great time to make a comeback. Horror games have become incredibly popular in recent years. Plus, with the cancellation of Silent Hills, there is a definite need for one of the kings of Survival Horror to make a comeback.

Fatal Frame 6 (For Switch and PS4)

I recently published a post covering the History of Fatal Frame (here), looking at this supernatural Survival Horror series in great depth. The games feature Japanese legends, mythology and traditional locations, all with terrifying ghosts thrown in as well. The gameplay is slow yet full of suspense. In fact, by the time the second game (Crimson Butterfly) came out, the developers had nearly perfected the ghosts’ behaviour. Their spirits could leave a lasting effect on areas in the game and they would appear and disappear in random places. This meant that you never felt safe, which is just what a Survival Horror game needs.

Sadly, when the likes of Resident Evil 5 came out and took the Survival Horror genre down a more action-orientated path in the West, the developers (Tecmo) decided to hold the fourth game back. It was only released in Japan, as they felt it would see more success there. Since then, the fifth game was released in the West as well. But now that Resident Evil 7 has taken the slower horror gameplay route (at the start, at least), it seems like the perfect time to bring this classic series back. Also, if that does happen, it will almost certainly be on the Switch (since Nintendo helped develop the last two game), but I would love a PS4 release as well.

And That’s All Folks

Well, those were the seven games that make up my E3 2018 wishlist. I highly doubt any of them will ever be announced, but that just means that I’ll keep on wishing and dreaming.

What games would be on your E3 wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!