To my darling daughter,

The past couple of weeks here in the UK have really hit us hard… I don’t know what the world will be like when you are old enough to read this, but right now, the violence in almost every country, and attacks on Manchester and London, really made me stop and think… And feel guilty…

I felt guilty for bringing you into a world so full of hate and anger. I felt guilty, almost selfish, for wanting you to be here with us when the world is so utterly messed up.

But then I stopped thinking, took a step back and looked around. And you know what? The world isn’t that messed up. It’s just a small number of people. Last night there was an amazing concert called One Love Manchester, in honor of those who lost their lives in the attack on Manchester… And this was just hours after the attack in London.

And do you know what I saw? Was it fear? Was it hate or anger? No. It was unity. It was love. I saw people coming together in sheer defiance of those who try to spread hate throughout this world.

Seeing that made me realise something; you’ve been brought into a world that is full of love, not hate. This is a world that will stand together to heal our sorrow, mend our pain and raise our spirits. You are growing up in a world that will not give in to fear and violence… This is a world of strength and unity.

And yet, as your father, I still fear for your safety. But I want you to know something… No matter how bad this small, insignificant group of people get, I will always be by your side. I will always protect you, heal you and support you. And so will the rest of the world.

So, go out there and show the world your strength. Show them your spirit, and help spread the word of love and unity. Help others heal. Look around you and take note of everyone, bring them together under the banner of hope and defiance against those who would seek to disrupt and destroy.

But know that this does not rest on your shoulders alone. The world is one, and will always be one. You are blessed, my darling daughter, to be growing up in a country where you can have everything, and a world that will stand by you. So, go out there and help those less fortunate than you. Go out there and show them love and compassion, and help stop the flow of hatred from spreading further, alongside the billions of others who will stand by you.

We are one, with one love.

I love you, my darling daughter.

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