So you’ve done all the antenatal classes, completed your pre-birth preparation checklist, done your best to be useful as you get under everyone’s feet in the delivery room, and have now safely returned both mother and baby back home to settle in. Great. Now begins the difficult task of raising a real human child. Fingers crossed you both made it through your first week as parents. If you did (congratulations by the way,) then maybe it’s time for a hearty pat on the back for your partner. After all, they did start the whole parenting thing a good 9 months before you.

Creating a whole new life-form and then giving birth to it is no mean feat, and your partner is probably the most tired she has ever been in those first few weeks. Why not show her that you’re worth keeping around by doing something thoughtful like making her a New Mother Care Package. The contents could be quite traditional or something a bit more personal to you or any inside jokes you may have (we’ve all got them, don’t be shy). Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Foot Spa

This is a great one to start off. It’s big enough to have the wow factor when it’s all wrapped up (what could it possibly be?), but they are also surprisingly affordable. How many times have you heard the familiar cry of painful, swollen feet and ankles? Well, no more my friend. Allow your partner to slowly bubble away all her woes, starting with her dainty toes.

Non-Alcoholic (or Alcoholic) Fizz

What pamper session would be complete without some bubbly to enjoy. Depending on whether your partner is choosing to breastfeed or not will depend on the amount of fermentation your chosen grape product has undergone (if she’s breastfeeding, you’ll have to stick with zero on the fermentation scale; if not, then the sky’s the limit). There are plenty of options for alcohol-free alternatives that still taste great to add a bit of luxury to a quiet night in.

All Round Comfort

The less glamorous part of the care package could well be the most useful. It is quite usual for women to suffer from a certain amount of incontinence after giving birth. Unlike the baby you both now have the joy of looking after, it is slightly less inconspicuous for an adult to be wearing nappies. Specially designed underwear could help your partner to stay dryandcool through the day and, most importantly, free from worry. Add to that the possibility of dry and cracked nipples if she is breastfeeding, and the occasional issue of lochia (bleeding after birth), it may be worth also investing in some hydrogel dressings and maternity pads respectively. It may only be a small thing but it will make a big difference.

Obviously there are many more possibilities, and the care package can be as big or small as you like. The important part is that your partner knows you are thinking about them and their wellbeing. A good mix of their staple favourites, and practical items, to help them rest and recuperate is a combination that can’t fail to be both thoughtful and useful.

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