Perfect Gaming Room Ideas for Parent Child Bonding

You love playing games… you’ve always loved it. When you look back at your childhood, one of the fondest memories was when your dad unpacked the Atari and the two of you played Combat or Pong together. Looking back, he probably let you win a little more than you realized. It was a truly magical time in your life and guess what… he enjoyed it just as much as you did!

Now it’s your turn. You want to give your child the same joy, happiness and bonding that YOU experienced with YOUR dad while playing couch-multiplayer games. With games becoming more and more age appropriate, you really can create the perfect set up.

You could even take it a step further and rig up a gaming room that will become a fantastical haven for you and your child to lose yourselves in, while taking turns saving Princess Peach from Bowser or upgrading your ride in Mario Kart.

Let’s look at some great ways to create this epic bonding space.

Decorating the Room

Setting up the room plays a huge part in creating an immersive experience.


For a small budget, you can put up posters of you and your child’s favourite gaming characters. Try to stick with characters you already love. (It will make it that much more special if you’ve spent hours “becoming” that character.) You can grab collectable posters from Ebay or your local gaming store.

Action Figures

Don’t stop there. If you have a little more to spend, you could even find action figures online. Think Mario, Sonic, Angry Birds or Legend of Zelda. They’re often included with special editions of the games as well.

These action figures bring a brand new level of immersion to the space. You could set up a dedicated shelf or display case just for them. Just keep enough open space for swinging around those Wii controllers.

Retro Consoles

If you have a collection of consoles, you’ll want to display them in order of release date, starting with the commodore 64. Just kidding… you can display them anyway you want to, but what a cool thing for your little dude (or dudette) to see the way gaming has evolved over the decades.

The Right Furniture

Of course, anything will do, as long as you’re comfortable and having fun. But instead of a normal couch, why not create a daybed sofa or add some cool bean bags for a fun and funky look.

They’re equally comfortable for kids and adults and really change the look of a gaming room from boring to absolutely awesome.

Going Full Arcade

If money really is no object, consider installing some old arcade consoles with games like Donkey Kong or Pac Man… maybe even a restored pinball machine!

Fun TV Games to Play with Your Child

This depends entirely on you and your child’s preference, but you may find yourself getting bored with MineCraft while they find Horizon Zero Dawn way too complicated. Plus, you want a good co-op couch-multiplayer where you can work together, and that isn’t split-screen. Here are a few good options.

Skylanders (Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team or Imaginators)

This game allows you to get wrapped up in the journey just as much as your child. There are little puzzles and upgrades all over the place and the two of you will be equally challenged as you team up to solve them.

The physical characters that you have to purchase (similar to the Disney Infinity Series) make it the perfect toy to play with when “gaming time” is over, since they can create a world of fantasy right on their bedroom floor.

Little Big Planet 2 or 3

This platform styled couch-multiplayer allows you to solve puzzles as you and your buddy traverse the levels. The Creator mode helps parents to create age appropriate levels where there’s no dying, just easy to play fun.

What’s even better, is that you can spend hours creating beautiful levels in the evenings and watch the joy on their faces the next day when they play a level that has been designed specifically for them, with their name (and even their face) popping up when they complete little tasks.

Come winter and weekends when the family’s in the mood to stay in and just relax, this will undoubtedly be the go-to room where both you and your mini gamer will be entertained for hours.

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