So as I said in my post about parents’ guilty pleasures, my daughter adores My Little Pony. However, she also has another show that she loves just as much; The PJ Masks. Whenever the tales of Catboy, Owlette and Gekko are on the screen, she smiles and jumps around. In fact, she’s even started to try and sign along to the theme song!

Therefore, you can imagine how much she fell in love with Sing and Talk plush dolls when we saw them in The Entertainer… At first, my wife made the mistake of thinking she could show all three to my daughter and get her to choose one. This led to a lot of crying and screaming whenever my wife tried to take one away. And realistically, we both knew that we’d need to get the whole set. They just don’t seem right unless they are all together.

So we did. However, there’s a few things I really need to let you guys know about the PJ Masks Sing and Talk dolls. That’s why, today, we’re taking a look at them in detail.


We’ll start with the most difficult bit to judge with these. You see, the stitch quality is outstanding, leaving the entire plush doll nice and smooth – perfect for a toddler. The dolls are soft, yet durable (for the most part, and we’ll get to that). My daughter has thrown them around, stood on them and squeezed them so hard you’d think they should just explode! Yet Catboy and Gekko had definitely stood up to the test.

But you might have noticed I only named two of the PJ Mask dolls there… And that’s the biggest problem I have with them.

You see, I’ve now had to replace the Owlette Sing and Talk doll twice, and fully expect to do it a third time as well. Whilst it starts out completely fine with no signs of a problem, both times the doll has just stopped talking and singing. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but a Sing and Talk PJ Mask toy is supposed to sing and talk, right?

Now I haven’t figured out exactly why this happens, but basically the button to make Owlette sing and talk just seems to stop working. What’s really weird, however, is that the second one developed a sort of new button to press. If you tried to use the button in her hand, as you are supposed to, nothing would happen. However, if you were to squeeze her arm in a certain place, from a specific angle, it would play the song and talk.

Of course, that doesn’t really help the situation when it comes to toddlers.

Thus, I have paid for parking in Queensgate Shopping Centre twice, just so that I can take Owlette to be replaced with a (then) working doll. So whilst the quality of Catboy and Gekko is really good, I have to judge it based upon the set, because realistically, you’re going to have get all three. And with that in mind, I really feel the quality is a let down, simply because of the issues with the Owlette doll.


Okay, now that we’ve gotten the issues with quality out of the way, let’s take a look at how entertaining the PJ Masks Sing and Talk plushies are.

First things first, they’re probably only going to entertain fans of the show, but honestly, why would you buy them if your child isn’t a fan? Right? If your child is a fan, then they’re definitely going to enjoy these! At least, they will for a while.

The way that the plushies work is, after you press a button on their hand, they’ll either spea one of maybe 4 lines for the show (mostly catchphrases), or “sing” the PJ Masks theme song. These then repeat on shuffle each time you press the button. For toddlers who either don’t notice or actually enjoy repetition, this is great! But be warned that your child might get bored of the PJ Masks Sing and Talk plushies very quickly.

Why? Because that’s literally all they do! You can’t readjust their arms or legs or anything like this. All you can do is listen to the same lines over and over.

Ever my daughter, who loves repetition, doesn’t press the buttons in their hands much anymore. I think she got a bit sick and tired of listening to the exact same words on repeat.


When it comes to cost, I have to base it on the set as a whole. When you consider the fact that each one costs £20, you’ll looking at £60 in total to purchase the set. That really isn’t something you want to just throw away because it breaks.

The actual individual price for each of the PJ Masks is good. £20 is a really low price for a lot of kids toys these days! But unfortunately, because you’ll probably have to get the whole set, the issues with Owlette come into play again. Paying £20 for a toy that stopped working 2 days later was a bit much. I mean, if your child is happy with just Catboy and/or Gekko, then great! In that case, my opinion of the toys goes up.

Its only when you add the Owlette toy into the mix that things get a bit more sour. All in all, the individual pricing is really good! Its just let down by how quickly the Owlette dolls stop working.

And That’s All Folks

In the end, the PJ Masks Sing and Talk plush dolls are great little toys that could keep your child entertainment for days. However, you need to prepare yourself to take Owlette back to the shop and get it replaced numerous times. This really is such a shame, because it lets the whole set down when, in truth, they’re really good toys without these problems.

Does you child love PJ Masks? Where you thinking of getting the PJ Masks Sing and Talk dolls? If so, did you find this review useful? Let me know in the comments below!

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