Playing Video Games Can Enhance Your Job Prospects

We’re pretty much all the same. We go to school, try and get the best possible grade we can, and then try and land a nice job we enjoy that pays well. Everyone in the world is really good at something. We all have different skills that we can apply to certain situations, and we plan to show these off to potential employers at interviews. Some people are more creative and some people are more physical. A somewhat unorthodox skill that can be very useful for the future, however, is video game ability.

It sounds crazy, right? Isn’t it just sitting around looking at a screen? No. There are a whole bunch of aspects that go into it and even more than surround it. Sure, it has its doubters and sceptics, but video games can enhance your job prospects. Let’s have a little look at how.

Jobs In The Industry

There are loads and loads of opportunities in the video game world. We could state the obvious and talk about competing as a professional, streaming, and other content creation, but there are literally hundreds of ways to go. Sure, it would be nice to be able to earn an excellent salary working as a streamer, but if you’re more into the development side, you may want to be a part of a video game creation team. Perhaps you have a burning passion for all things gaming and the gossip surrounding it – then writing about it all might be your job. Much like if you’re a sports fan, you’ll find it a little easier becoming a physiotherapist or a coach, if you’re a tech geek, you’ll have one foot in the video game door.

They Boost Cognitive Abilities

They increase the ability to read and take in information. Video games often have dialogue and tasks that mean you’ll need to remember certain things. They are basic life skills but the better they are, the smarter the individual.

Relative Skills

Nowadays, a lot of games have real-life information placed into them that people can learn from. Anywhere from the very basics to quite a bit of depth. You could be playing along to a compelling story and, along with way, subconsciously learning how to put someone in the recovery position or create makeshift tools. Or you could, for instance, be hugely into cars and, after religiously playing a whole host of smart driving games, you may gain the knowledge of the ins and outs of how a car is put together. These will all, at the very least, create hobbies that could grow into potential job prospects.

They Make You Technologically Savvy

If you’re a video gamer, the chances are you’re also going to be smart with other technology such as handheld devices and using the internet to solve problems. You’ve probably used them to help you in the games, so it’ll be a piece of cake navigating them in the real working world.

Social Skills

If you’ve played online, you’ve probably talked to others, too. You’ve probably spoken verbally or used written communication. These are both great social skills to have. The ability to communicate with others to reach a common goal is fantastic to have – especially if you want to impress a potential employer.