As business owners, you will realise the importance of brand awareness. It should be part of your marketing strategy, ensuring you raise your profile and stand out from all those other cookie-cutter businesses on the block.

We have already talked about online marketing on this blog, but there are other ways to push your brand onto the world. We have some ideas here which will help you get your brand noticed, ensuring you leave a lasting impression on all those who come into contact with you when out in the wider world.

Speak at an event

Whether you host the event yourself, or offer yourself as a guest speaker at a conference connected within your industry, pushing yourself onto the public stage will get your face seen, and your voice heard to the world at large. You can inspire others with your professional expertise, and you will have the opportunity to meet potential customers face to face. You will become known as a master in your chosen field, and gain credibility within the industry.

Attend a trade show

You can showcase your brand to hundreds of people at trade shows, and make direct contact with people who are specifically interested in what you have to offer. You need to invest in something to make your corner of the show stand out, so we recommend you consider one of these affordable bespoke exhibition stands to catch the eye of potential customers. When they have wandered over to your trade area, you need to interact with them, hand out freebies, and perhaps allow a hands-on experience with your product.

Use local media

Should you have something important to say, or have a particular promotion in mind, use the power of local media. Target television, radio, newspapers, and trade magazines, and spread the word about your business. Go beyond advertising, and create a newsworthy piece, such as how you came to be in business, or how you are leading the way with innovative practices in your chosen field. Very often, larger news stations and publications take notice of the local media, so you may find word of your business spreading out nationally if you have something particularly interesting to say.

Get onto the high street

Francis Bacon wrote, ‘if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.’ A great saying, and especially true in business. You need to engage with the public in all arenas, particularly on the high street. These are the people who don’t attend industry events, or who may not realise how your business can benefit them. You might hire a pop-up stand to showcase your product, conduct a survey to find your target demographic, or organise a promotional stunt to really get people talking about you.

Final touches

We hope you have found the above ideas useful. Becoming a public face is a fantastic way to increase your brand awareness. However, be mindful, as when you are on show, people will be looking at you. Show respect to everybody you meet, be polite, and make a lasting impression in the way you conduct your business.

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