Predictive Marketing 101: What It Is And How It Works

Marketing is an extremely complicated world; what worked just a year ago is quickly ineffective in the next year. This makes a marketer’s job difficult, as they have to keep pace with the industry to ensure success.

If you’re struggling to market your company effectively, then you might want to look into predictive marketing. In this article, I’ll discuss what predictive marketing is, how it works, and how it can help you.

What Is Predictive Marketing?

Predictive marketing is where you use data analytics to make smarter marketing choices. That way, instead of taking a shot in the dark, you’re making an informed decision.

The main type of data science predictive marketing uses is artificial intelligence (AI). No, you don’t use sentient robots; instead, you use machine learning.

Machine learning is a type of AI that uses specified algorithms on huge sets of data and looks for patterns. For instance, these algorithms can determine the path of actions your customers take before they convert and give you the path they take the most. They can also determine the path prospects take that lead to the lowest conversions.

How Does Predictive Marketing Work?

You can perform predictive marketing by using your own sets of data gathered through both prospects and clients. But sometimes, that may not be enough, especially if you’ve just started your business.

If you need more data, then you can go to second and third parties that’ll sell you their large quantities of data. Ideally, you’d like to buy sets that overlap with your target audience so you get a demographic as close to them as possible.

Your data scientists can then use these sets of data in your machine learning algorithms to determine better courses of actions to take in your marketing.

This website shows you how you can utilize predictive marketing through a platform.

How Does Predictive Marketing Help You?

The most important thing in business is the customer. You can’t really help your customers if you don’t know what they want or how the behave; predictive marketing can help with that.

Since this type of marketing utilizes whatever data you feed it (whether it’s owned or second/third party), it can extrapolate that and create a better forecast. While marketers previously had more guesswork, they now have more control with predictive marketing.

When you can more accurately predict what your customers want, this has two main benefits: not only do you satisfy their needs better, but you also get increased return on investment (ROI), and therefore, less waste.

Try out Predictive Marketing

As I’ve said, the world of marketing is always changing. If you don’t keep up with it, you risk falling behind, which can cause your company to fail.

With predictive marketing, you can improve on the customer journey, which will boost your business as a result. Give it a try and see your ROI increase!

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