Going on a trip abroad with the school is a great opportunity for your child. They get to learn, socialise and have fun too- it’s something different that they haven’t experienced before. But as parents it’s stressful, we want to wrap our kids up in cotton wool and the idea of them jetting off to a foreign country without us there can be terrifying even for the most laid back of parents. But we don’t want to hold them back and let them miss out on a great experience due to our own worries. However, there are things you can do to put your mind at ease and make their time away a little less stressful for you. Here are some ideas.

Make Sure They’ve Packed Well

One of the biggest worries as a parent when your child goes away is the idea that they will be stuck without something they need and you won’t be there to help. Making sure they’ve packed properly can help with this worry. Try and think of different scenarios, and if the school provides a list of items and equipment read through this carefully and make sure they have everything. A lot of this will depend on where they’re going, for example, a trip to India will require much different clothing and equipment compared to, say, trips to Venice. As well as their case, think of their travel bag too, do they have things like boiled sweets to prevent earaches on the plane, magazines, and books to keep them occupied? Do they have the chargers (and any adapters) for their devices? Spend some time thinking it through, write lists and double check.

Make Sure Their Phone Is Set Up

These days we’re only ever a call or message away no matter where in the world we are. So making sure your child’s smartphone is up to the job will make life less stressful for you. You could use Apple’s Friend Finder app, allowing you to see exactly where they are on the map which could put your mind at ease. Make sure they have the correct roaming plan set for the country they’re going to, that way they can easily call and message you each day to check in. Since most kids are social media obsessed, having access to the internet on their phone means you can check their social updates too to see what they’re up to without obsessively calling.

Give Them Enough Money

Having enough money will ensure your child isn’t left without. A trip abroad can be expensive so you might be reluctant to hand over lots of spending money, however you could give them an emergency fund to use just in case. Make them store this in a separate compartment in their wallet so it’s not accidentally spent. Alternatively, you could give them a prepaid debit card to use in emergencies, either way knowing they have this can make you feel a lot more secure.

How do you deal with nerves in situations like this?

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