When it comes to collecting classic and retro games there are a few ways that you could go about it; rummaging through car boot sales and garage sales, going to swap meets (if there are any near you) or attending events like Collectorabilia and the Retro Game Market. However, what should be the easiest method would be going to your local retro gaming shop and having a look around.

Unfortunately, this has proved to be rather difficult for me, as retro game shops are apparently very hard to come by!

The Long Search

For months I looked around the city centre of Nottingham trying to find a retro game shop other than your usual CeX or Trade Nation (also known as Grainer Games, which is now closed down). Sadly, I had absolutely no luck. With the closure of Playtime in the Broadmarsh shopping centre, we weren’t really left with anywhere else to go.

So, I started looking in Derby as well, to see what I could find there. During my search, I did come across one retro gaming shop in Derby called Retro World. Retro World is a market stall within the internal marketplace of intu Derby that stocks a bunch of retro games. Their stock is pretty good, especially for older consoles like the NES and SNES, as well as imports for the Famicom and Super Famicom. However, as I am currently collecting for the PS1 and PS2, I found their stock to be lacking.

Note: I also found the person working there at the time to be more interested in their phone than the customers, but that could have just been that one person. So I don’t want to write off the stall entirely. But just wanted to put a warning out there.

Where Are All The Retro Game Shops?

As it stands so far, Retro World is the only retro gaming shop anywhere near me. I’ve been searching a lot for other places to go so that I don’t have to rely on CeX, but it really hasn’t been very successful. As such, I’ve resorted to buying my games online. This is, of course, the easiest method… But I would love to be able to support retro game shops!

On YouTube, I have seen so many people going to these great retro gaming shops and I would love to do the same. But without driving up to Leeds or down to London, I seem to be out of luck…

That’s where this random post comes into play… It’s more a cry for help than anything else. I want to put together a list of all of retro gaming shops within the UK. To do this, I have set up a Google Form where you can submit any of the retro gaming shops that you know about.

All of the shops added to this form will then but added to a spreadsheet that I can use to build a database of all of these retro gaming shops. From there, I’ll put the database up on a page on here so that we can all benefit from it and find new places to going retro game hunting!

Click here for the form!

And That’s All Folks

If you can help me put together this list of retro gaming shops, I am hoping that it will help both myself and everyone else! That way, we can all start to find new hunting grounds when it comes to retro gaming. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, so let’s see what we can put together, shall we?