Without a doubt, the internet is very useful in our present world. Asides being a source of inspiration, it proves really valuable in getting help and resources with a school assignment, projects and term papers for kids. The internet avails kids of the opportunity to learn and study on their own. In other words, the internet presents a world of learning without a boundary for a child.

Anything that has advantages will definitely have disadvantages. Hence, as useful as the internet is for kids, there are a number of threats online that children could be susceptible to. There are cyberbullying, adult contents, online predators, gambling sites, etc. This is just a few of the many ways a child can be harmed online. As a result, it is essential to have parental control in place to keep the children safe from these online hazards. Asides keeping them safe, the parent can keep tabs on the kid’s activity.

In view of the above, we present reasons why parental control is necessary.

1. Unhealthy gaming

Generally, games are designed to be addictive. It could cause serious obsession which comes with terrible implications. Thus, they might be distracted from doing other useful stuff or what they really need to do online. Thus, it is recommended that parents step in with parental control should gaming addiction be interfering with our kid’s life. We could set game time limits on the various devices our kids use.

2. To Have a Safe Browsing Experience

It is important to let our kids be aware of the importance of safe browsing. Reports have it that about 70% of kids run into internet porn unknowingly. This is not surprising as there is an annoying popup that could lure kids into sexual and violent contents. Kids, being very curious could easily fall prey to such contents. Parents can avoid this by using parental control apps like Netsanity that blocks such unwanted WebPages.

3. Online Reputation

Children are fond of posting pictures and details of their everyday life on social media. While these posts could be innocent, it tells a lot about the reputation of an individual. This is because colleges or companies could use social media search before admitting a student to college or for internship opportunities. This is one of the many reasons why parental control is necessary.

4. Time Management

One of the many disadvantages of digital devices is an addiction. Not only kids, it affects the adult as well, making them glued to the screen, completely alien to their immediate environment. Asides wasting time, too much internet time could cause eye problem, poor sleep pattern, bad posture and lack of social life for children. As a result, parents should try to enforce a healthy screen time for their children.

5. Helps to Check Unauthorized Purchase and Charges

Some children are fond of online games, and most are not free. Parents end up bearing the burden of these unauthorized purchases. Asides, out of curiosity, kids could be lured to a paid subscription that will affect the family’s budget. This calls for parental control to check these internet excesses.

The internet has many uses; however, it is not completely safe. It is the responsibility of parents to make digital devices safe for their children’s use. The generation of kids we have these days are smart. It lies with the parent to make the internet safe for them.