As you have probably realised if you’ve read my previous posts about e-cigarettes, I quit smoking by moving on to vaping. But I only managed to do that by finding the right e-cigarette kit, and the right liquid to use in it. Thus, I am rather picky when it comes to the e-liquid I use.

It has to be of a high quality and absolutely needs to give me enough nicotine (I’m down to 6mg now). If you’ve not vaped before, or have stuck to the same e-liquid brand your entire vaping life, you may be surprised to know that the same strength liquid from different manufacturers still gives differing amounts of nicotine. So, you need to find brands whose mixes work right for you.

That’s why, when I was approached by Red Vape to review their e-liquid, I had to see what the quality and mix was like.

What They Offer

Now, I’m much more of a fruit-flavoured e-liquid fan over tobacco-flavoured. So, when looking around to see what they had to offer, I was happy to see a range of different fruit flavours. From Strawberry Fusion to Angel Berry, there was a very good mix of fruity e-liquids.

And yet, I still found myself intrigued by their “gourmet” e-liquids enough to try one of their tobacco liquids; Appleleaf. Perhaps it was the fact that it still seemed like it would have a fruitiness to it.

When the three flavours arrived, I absolutely had to try the Angel Berry first. Now, I’ve typically used e-liquids with a mix of 60/40 (referring to the PG and VG), but these liquids were at 50/50 mix, so I wasn’t sure whether it would make much a difference…

But man, it made a difference! The amount of flavour that came out of that liquid was through the roof compared to the other e-liquids that I have had before.

And you know what? It tasted really nice! Made with a mix of flavours from raspberries, dewberry, and blueberries, it was exquisite. The most amazing part? For a mixed e-liquid, you could still taste all 3 of the different berries. This is a very uncommon thing in mixed liquids, from my experience.

The 10ml bottle lasted me 3 days, which is also 1 day longer than the 60/40 mixes last in my Smok. During that time, I also found myself vaping less, since the mix was giving me more nicotine than the liquids I had used before.

So after those 3 days, the next flavour to try was the Strawberry Fusion.

Typically, when going for a strawberry (or even cherry) flavour liquid, I go for the menthol versions. For some reason, they always tasted better to me. Yet this one wasn’t a menthol version… And it still tasted great!

Unlike almost every other strawberry liquid that I’ve tried over the past 4 years, this one didn’t stick in your mouth. It didn’t taste like overcooked strawberry jam, either. And yes, those are basically every other strawberry flavoured liquid I have had, except for menthol based ones.

Instead, the Strawberry Fusion felt light, yet full of flavour… I’m not trying to sound like someone on Master Chef here, but it really was a huge change from what I was used to – in a really good way!

The final flavour that I had to try was, to be honest, the one I was least looking forward to. As stated earlier, I don’t usually like tobacco flavoured liquids… In fact, I hadn’t found one yet that I did like. So I wasn’t expecting this to be any different.

I was pleasantly surprised! I think the hint of apple in the liquid dulled the tobacco taste, which is actually a really big positive! If you have quit smoking, either by going cold turkey (well bloody done) or switching to vaping, then you’ll have a rose tinted memory of what tobacco tastes like.

Trust me, it tastes nothing like you remember! If you went back and tried a real cigarette after being off them for even 6 months (let alone 4 years), you’d see what I mean.

That’s precisely why I don’t like tobacco flavoured liquid… With the exception of Appleleaf. It was smooth, without the burnt plastic taste that tobacco gives. And you get a very satisfying apple after-taste when you breath out as well.

And That’s All Folks

I would highly recommend visiting Red Vape and taking a look around their liquids. They are highly quality, strong in flavour, and the 50/50 mix just makes them far smoother and more palatable (even their tobacco flavours). I was very impressed with them, especially since these gourmet liquids don’t actually cost much more than the liquids you can get from the local petrol station (don’t get those, please).

This review was written in partnership with Red Vape, but my opinions and thoughts are entirely my own.

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