You may have read my review of AT Games’ attempt to create a “mini” version of the Mega Drive, but if not, it didn’t go that well. Overall reviews across the internet are mixed at best, and it really doesn’t capture the same magic of the original console. Compared to the likes of the NES Mini and SNES Mini, it just doesn’t compare.

Therefore, we SEGA fans have been waiting for a decent Mega Drive, Saturn or Dreamcast re-release… But with no real hope that it would ever come.

A New Hope

Sorry for the Star Wars heading, but it seems very fitting right now. Many of us had lost hope that we would ever get a high quality “mini” release of any of these systems… Especially after the utter failure of the AT Games’ Mega Drive. However, we have recently been given a new lease of hope when Retro-Bit announced they had partnered with SEGA for develop accessories for the consoles.

This sparked a huge amount of interest in the retro gaming community, as Retro-Bit have made some really awesome multi-system consoles already.

For example, they have made the Super Retro Trio that plays original cartridges from the NES, SNES and Mega Drive, with the ability to play them from any region. They also created the SupaBoy S, which is a completely portable, handheld SNES that plays original cartridges.

In other words, Retro-Bit have some serious pedigree within the retro gaming world. So whilst they are only talking publicly about accessories at the moment, there is hope that something far greater will come out of this partnership.

CES 2018

That brings us to CES 2018, the technology expo that is currently happening in Las Vegas as I write this post. So far, Retro-Bit have unveiled a number of bluetooth controllers for various different SEGA consoles.

Each of these capture the original look of the Saturn, Mega Drive and Dreamcast, and will work with the original consoles.

Image from Gamespot

However, they have also announced that there will be more to come as CES 2018 continues, and we are only on day 4 at the moment. Retro-Bit haven’t said what this “more” actually is, so that has lead to much excitement within the retro gaming community.

Looking Forwards

Out of all of the SEGA consoles out there, I think the two that I would most like a “mini” version of would be the Mega Drive (at least, a good re-release of it) and the Dreamcast.

With that said, because AT Games have already created the Mega Drive Flashback, I would think it unlikely that SEGA would commission a second remake of the system. Instead, I would think they are more likely to move onto other consoles in their history, in order to create the biggest buzz. And what would do that? The Dreamcast, definitely.

Whilst it may not have performed well during its life cycle, the console has become a fan favourite over the years. This is, in part, thanks to some truly amazing games like Shenmue and Phantasy Star Online.

Image from Gamespot

I never managed to own a Dreamcast when I was younger, but I did have a friend at school who owned one. We would play on it every time I went over to his house, and I absolutely loved it. Therefore, if Retro-Bit and SEGA do end up releasing a “mini” Dreamcast, I’ll definitely be saving up to get it!

Plus, if Retro-Bit’s other consoles and peripherals are anything to go by, they’re likely to keep the look and feel of the original, and maybe even create a console that plays the original games. If they do, that would be a huge selling point against the NES Mini and SNES Mini, where you have to hack their systems in order to load other roms; they can’t play original cartridges.

And That’s All Folks

I, for one, will be watching Retro-Bit’s announcements during the rest of CES 2018 with excited eyes. Whilst it may still be a slim chance, many of us will be hoping for even a slight glimpse of a mini Dreamcast.

Do you have a favourite SEGA console? Would you be interested in a re-release of it or any of the other consoles? Let me know in the comments below!