My Retro Gaming Wish List for 2017

Okay, so I know we’re at the tail-end of 2017 now… Winter has come, just as the Starks always said, and the nights are getting longer. But that also means that it is nearly Christmas, which is the time when everyone puts their wishlists together, right? So I thought it would fun, for me at least, if I were to put together my retro gaming wishlist!

Now, Christmas itself is going to be very, very tight in our household (because we’ve just started the proceedings to buy our first house), so I probably won’t be buying any of these for myself at Christmas. However, it’ll be interesting to see how many of them I have before October next year. It’s like a little game to play with myself, challenging myself to get the things that I really want within the next year. So, let’s see what this list is, shall we?

Sony PSX or PS-One

I love the original PlayStation. That’s a pretty simple fact that can start this off. Whilst it wasn’t my first console, it was the console that largely defined my childhood, so there’s a huge nostalgia element to me wanting one. But that’s not the only reason. In fact, the biggest reason why I want to get one is that it had some of the most amazing games I’ve ever played.

I also don’t really care whether I get my hands on the PSX (the big grey one) or the PS-One (the small, portable white one with attachable monitor). To put it simply, it’s just be really nice to get my hands on one, even if the PS2 I have now can play the games. There’s just something really nice about having the original and being able to play the games on the console they were actually made for.

Legend of Dragoon

Yeah, so this is one that I’m almost certainly not going to be able to get my hands on, but this is a wishlist, so I’m still going to put it on here. This is one of those utterly amazing PSX games I mentioned; it’s a 4 disc long epic fantasy RPG that simply cannot be described in a way that would do it justice.

The story was so in-depth, full of twists and turns. The characters was memorable, and relatable. And the gameplay… Man, it was one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played, even to this day. I would choose to play The Legend of Dragoon over Mass Effect, Dragon Age or pretty much any other big name RPG of the current era… But that’s the problem. The game was so good, and the advertising so little, that it’s now one of the rarest PSX games out there!

I’ve seen it sell on eBay for over £100! So I really don’t think I’ll be getting a copy anytime soon, and I’m also really sad that I lost my copy when moving between countries years ago.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses

If you’ve been watching my livestreams recently (and you should), you’ll know that I’m playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links on Android at the moment, and loving it. I’ve been a long-standing fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game since I was in my early teens, because of the thought and strategy that has to go into the deck that you build (seriously, there are thousands of different cards that all have different effects, which can work together in hundreds of thousands of different ways).

However, the older video games added different rules in, or in the case of Duelist of the Roses, completely change the format of the game. You see, instead of playing a standard card game, you had to move your cards around a field and then have them fight, kind of like a strategy game. Oh, and the storyline followed the War of the Roses too, so that was a really cool twist!

SNES-Based Emulator PC

This one is more of a project, really… But I want to find a low priced SNES, preferrably faulty and not working at all, that I can strip out entirely. After all, I wouldn’t want to do it to a working one. Anyway, I then plan to build a micro-ATX computer inside it that is powerful enough to run a MAME emulator. This would then allow me to have a SNES that can play over 1,000 games from a huge variety of different consoles!

It would be so cool, and make a great alternative to the SNES Mini Classic, which I couldn’t get my hands on. Plus, the ability to just throw loads of games on it to play whenever I want would be awesome. And it’d look super cool as well!

Icewind Dale I & II Big Box for PC

Now, I know you can get Icewind Dale as a digital download from Steam, but that’s just not the same as having the original, big box versions that you could buy in shops. The box art looked amazing, and it just felt like such a high quality product. And it was. Icewind Dale 2 is probably still my favourite PC-only RPG ever made, and I’d love to relive the joy of playing it.

I’d also really like to start my big box PC game collection with these two because of how amazing the games and the boxes were. They would look so good on my shelving unit. Especially once we move to the new house… They also don’t sell for too much on eBay, so hopefully that means that I might actually be able to pick them both up.

Silent Hill 2

This is another one that will likely stay on my wishlist for a few years, simply because of how hard it is to find in good condition without paying an arm and both legs… But that is to be expected from a game that is widely considered to be the best horror game ever made! Deeply traumatising in a way, this psychological horror will get under your skin with fear when you are playing it, and then longing when you aren’t.

It is an absolute classic, and in many ways, a work of art in storytelling, atmosphere and depth. The music score is so good that I still listen to it on Spotify on a regular basis, especially if I need to concentrate when I’m at work.

If I manage to get my hands on this one, you can expect to see me squeal like a little pig from pure joy!

Shadow Hearts

This one will probably come as no surprise if you’ve ready my posts on PS2 games you must play and the top PS2 RPGs not made by Square Enix. Shadow Hearts will forever hold a special place in my heart (no pun intended) because it is the sequel to one my all time favourite games (Koudelka), and is an outstanding game in its own right. With a storyline largely unrivaled in terms of darkness and depth whilst still remaining light-hearted enough that it isn’t just “evil for the sake of evil”, this was a masterpiece of an RPG.

I used to have all 3 of the Shadow Hearts games, but like Legend of Dragoon, lost them when moving between countries. If I ever manage to get my hands on it again, I won’t ever be letting it go!

And That’s All Folks

Since I’m a fan of keeping my list posts to 7 items, that’ll do for this wishlist. Of course there are, literally, hundreds of other games and peripherals that I want, but those 7 are definitely at the top of this list.

Are there any specific games you want to get your hands on in the next year? What about movies? What’s your wishlist for the coming 12 months? Let me know in the comments below!