In Review: Brazen Shadow Pro Gaming Chair

If there’s one thing that every blogger and gamer needs when they are at the computer or console, it is a comfortable chair. A single post or a session on the PS2 can take hours to complete, so you need to be able to sit comfortably for that entire duration. Now, I’ve had a number of different “executive computer chairs” over the years, of varying prices and (sadly) vastly different levels of quality.

However, I’ve now moved on from those “executive” chairs and am now currently writing this whilst sitting on the Shadow Pro Gaming Chair, made by Brazen Gaming Chairs. But quite obviously, the big question I’m looking to answer in this review is whether the Shadow Pro lives up to expectations, or whether it feels more “apprentice” than the executive chairs. So, let’s take a look, shall we?


The first thing you’ll have to do, as with any computer chair, is put it together. The Shadow Pro gaming chair comes packed into a rather large box, itself showing just how big the chair actually is (a very good thing, believe me). Each section of the chair is packaged neatly in its own plastic wrapping, keeping everything nice and clean.

When you’ve taken all of the pieces out, you might be in for a bit of a surprise, just like I was. You see, I’ve bought many chairs over the years where everything from the handles to the legs were separate pieces of one big puzzle that you had to put together. Typically, I’ve seen pages and pages of instructions on how to put these chairs together… But the Shadow Pro comes with just one page of instructions, which should instantly tell you how much easier it was to put together.

With just 16 screws in total, the entire chair took about 15 minutes to build, which is probably a new speed record for me when it comes to computer chairs!

Everything fit into place perfectly, without the need to fiddle around unscrewing bits to allow others to move into place when they should already be there. The Shadow Pro gaming chair was by the easiest computer chair to put together that I have ever seen!


When it comes to computer chairs, the usability basically comes down to how strong it is once put together. Now, I’m not a small man by any means… I won’t say how much I actually weigh, but let’s just say I haven’t been to the gym for a good couple of years (my time instead being spent with my daughter). So, naturally, I need a chair that won’t just break under the weight of anyone bigger than a stick insect.

That doesn’t just mean the main seat either… I’m also talking about the arm rests as well. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your arms putting pressure down on the arm rests.

The Brazen Shadow Pro definitely wins points in this category, as it is able to hold my weight with ease, even when reclining. On top of that, the arm rests feel strong and sturdy, with not even a hint that they might buckle in the future. The legs and wheels are stable, with no unnerve play when you put the chair together or when using it. All in all, the Shadow Pro gaming chair is a very durable piece of kit!


If the usability of a computer chair is how strong it is, then the effectiveness is all about the comfort it provides. And therefore, it is probably the most important aspect of any computer chair, be it a gaming chair or office chair.

The Brazen Shadow Pro itself is extremely well designed, the bucket seat style of the gaming chair being incredibly ergonomic. The arm rests are adjustable so that you can have your arms held at just the right height for your computer or gaming desk, and the reclining feature is designed so that you don’t get odd bits of metal digging into your back.

On top of this, Brazen also provide you with a cushion for your back, and another one for your head or neck, depending on how you attach it. This just adds to the comfort, making the Shadow Pro gaming chair one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever had the pleasure to sit in. Oh, and because the chair is styled as a bucket seat, your shoulders get added support as well, so who knows; maybe this chair will actually help my back to stop hurting all the time!

Even if we were to ignore all the other aspects of the Shadow Pro and just focus on the comfort it offers, I would immediately recommend it to anyone who spends a long time in front of a computer or console!


Now, as I’ve mentioned a few times already, I’ve gone through my fair share of “executive” computer chairs, each one varying wildly in price. However, even the cheapest ones that I have bought have come in at over £60, and they only lasted a month or so before something broke. They also weren’t comfortable in the slightest.

So, when you consider the fact that the Shadow Pro gaming chair weighs in at just £149.99, then it really is a great price for something as strong and comfortable as this. I’ve had executive chairs that cost £50 more than that break in just a couple of months, or be so uncomfortable on my back that I’ve ended up selling them at a significant loss, just so that I could something else. The Shadow Pro suffers none of these problems, so the price point seems absolutely correct for me, if not a real deal for all of us!

And That’s All Folks

All in all, the Shadow Pro gaming chair by Brazen is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in; the backrest feeling nice and soft, yet sturdy enough to support you no matter how much time you spend in front of a computer. The added benefit of the back and neck pillows only boosts the comfort levels further, meaning that the Shadow Pro is perfect for a long sessions of writing or gaming.

The chair itself is stupidly easy to put together, only taking about 15 minutes to get everything screwed into place. And despite this, it is a really strong chair that never feels like it is under too much strain. I, honestly, could not recommend the Brazen Shadow Pro more. Whether you need a new chair for your blogging office, or for your gaming room, then you will not be disappointed with this!

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