Review – Gioteck TX-20 Retro Headset

I’m going to start this review off by saying I love a good headset. After all, I currently own 6. Therefore, I can be rather picky with them, especially when it comes to gaming headsets. From sound quality to comfort, as well as style, I tend to look at every aspect of a headset to determine whether I like it.

So when I heard about the TX-20 Retro Headset from Gioteck, I was very excited to give it a try! I’ve now done that, and wanted to share my opinions of the headset with you all.

Sound Quality

We will start off with possibly the most important part of a headset; the quality of the sound coming out of them. When testing the Gioteck TX-20, I decided to see how it sounded when used on a number of different devices. This way, I would be able to get a much better idea of the overall sound quality.

As such, I tested the Gioteck TX-20 on the following devices;

  • Desktop Gaming PC
  • Standard, Entry Level Laptop
  • TV
  • Samsung S8
  • PS4 (via the controller headset port)

During these tests, I had expected that the Laptop and TV would give the lowest performance with the TX-20, whilst the PS4 and my PC would give the best. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that the sound quality was really high on all of the devices tested.

The sound quality was definitely better coming out of the PS4 and PC, but even on my mobile, music through Spotify came out amazingly clear. In fact, I had expected to get some feedback or distorted sound on at least one of the devices, but I didn’t experience any. Sure, the TX-20 isn’t the same level of sound quality as a £200+ headset, but you know what? It’s now my go-to headset when working, as the sound quality is so good that I can use them for 8 hours at a time without any problem!


Okay, so we’ve already determined that the Gioteck TX-20 offers really good sound quality (especially for the price), but what about comfort? After all, there are hundreds of different headsets out there with huge, padded ear-muffs. Meanwhile, the Gioteck TX-20 features old school style foam earpieces. This may sound like you’re not going to really enjoy having the TX-20 on your head, but you would be wrong.

I’ve already stated that the TX-20 is now my main headset of choice when working. This means that it is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. But how comfortable is it, really?

Well, the completely adjustable nature of the Gioteck TX-20 means that you can move the earpieces up and down to best suit the size and shape of your head. I have a rather large head that also seems to be somewhat of an odd shape as well. Yet, through the retro style adjustable earpieces, I was easily able to get the headset into the right size setup for myself.

One this had been done, I put the headset on and was waiting for it to feel uncomfortable. The thing is, it ended being incredibly nice to wear! The foam padding on the earpieces actually feels more comfortable to me than my typical streaming headset, which blew my mind. There is a slight bit of pressure on the ears when you first put the Gioteck TX-20 on, but that quickly fades. Instead, you’re left with a really comfortable headset to wear when gaming, listening to music or working.

Design and Presentation

The final aspect of the Gioteck TX-20 that we are going to look at is the design and presentation of the headset. Now, obviously I was intrigued by the overall style of the TX-20, being that it is a retro-inspired headset. It is clear that Gioteck put a lot of consideration into how they could make a retro-style headset without carrying forward the issues of the past.

The orange colour scheme works amazingly well, too. It is bright and vibrant without being too garish. The orange pads really do manage to capture a retro look and feel, too.

The Gioteck TX-20 is already very durable! In fact, considering my daughter likes to play with headphones and headsets, she hasn’t been able to damage the Gioteck TX-20, which is a really good sign on the build quality (at least, in my eyes).

And That’s All Folks

All in all, I’m really impressed by the TX-20. The sound quality is really high, especially when you consider the price. The headset is really durable, and works amazingly well on a multitude of different electronics and gadgets. Personally, if you’re in the market for a new headsets, then I would defintely recommend the Gioteck TX-20. You can buy the TX-20 today on Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime then delivery is free too. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Does the TX-20 interest you? Let me know in the comments below!


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