If you haven’t realised already, I adore rock music more than any other genre. The sound of the guitar and drums and the raw emotion of the vocals just resonates with me. This has also rubbed off on to my daughter, whose favourite bands include Bring Me The Horizon, Metallica and A Day To Remember. So, when we were given the chance to test out a drum designed for babies and toddlers, I knew she would want to give it a go. After all, she learnt the drumbeat for the My Little Pony cafeteria song after hearing it on a few times and would bang it out on whatever she could find.

Hape, who make wooden toys for kids of all age ranges, have a “Baby Drum” that is designed for 6 months and above, so I thought it would be a great little toy for her to play with and bash around a bit. But, did it live up to the expectations and attacks of a two-year-old little punk rock princess? Let’s take a look!


One of the most important things, in my head, for a kids’ toy is the durability. My little girl is a bit of a monster to her toys. She will bash them, kick them and throw them around to “test” whether they break easily. She does it with everything you give her and is always sad if and when the toy does break. I mean, she’s a two year old, so what do you expect? That’s why any toy I give her has to be well built and designed to last.

So far, we’ve had the Baby Drum for a couple of weeks; she’s been playing with it in the living room and her cot as well. It has been smashed against the walls, thrown out of the cot and straight into the corner of a chest of drawers, and just generally pummeled as she plays with it.

That’s an awful lot of stress for any toy to be under, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it has withstood everything she has given it. What effectively amounts to daily beatings have seemingly had no effect on the Baby Drum. It still works exactly as it originally did when I got it out of the box, with all of the lights and sounds still going strong. That’s a huge positive in my books, and a great reason to get this for a toddler or a baby!


As already mentioned, my daughter has been playing with the Hape Baby Drum every day for two weeks straight. Now, let’s all be honest parents here; how many toys get played with that much for that long? It’s pretty rare, right?

Typically, my daughter gets bored of a toy within a couple of days (sometimes even a couple of hours), so if a toy lasts 4 days then I’m impressed. But the Baby Drum has kept her interest for 14 days! That is incredible. She just keeps going over to it and banging out a “tune”. She’s actually starting to get some rhythm now as well, which is great!

The fact that it lights up when you hit it, and has two different sounds (the kick drum and a snare) means that your child can actually learn to put beats together. Oh, and if they turn it upside down it’ll play a little melody as well. My daughter loved this!


One thing parents will know is that toys can be really expensive! I mean, I reviewed a set of PJ Mask stuffed toys that do almost nothing and cost £20 each! And that’s pretty cheap… So yeah, toys are pretty pricey in general.

So when I saw that the Hape Baby Drum sells for just £21.99 on Amazon (at the time of writing) I was shocked. I’ve seen simple plastic drums that have just one sound and break in 20 minutes sell for £30 (yes, we bought one). So the fact that a toy with such great build quality and durability is that cheap is amazing in and of itself.

Add to this the amount of entertainment my daughter has gotten out of the Baby Drum and I would have expected to pay something closer to £40! This is especially true when you consider that a lot of toys for toddlers that are under £30 are generally boring and only get played with once or twice. Being able to get the Hape Baby Drum for pretty much the same price as one of those utterly pointless PJ Masks toys (which we had to replace over and over because they kept breaking) is a steal!

And That’s All Folks

If you’re looking for a new toy for your baby or toddler, and want one that will actually last and be fun at the same time, then I would definitely recommend the Hape Baby Drum. My daughter loves it, and if it can last in the hands of a two year old, it can survive almost anything!

Have you tried out the Hape Baby Drum? Or perhaps a similar toy? Let me know in the comments below!

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