When I was planning out my new game room/office (you can see the current iteration here), one thing that was really important to me was how I was going to safely store some of the various different collectible things I have gained over time. Storage was, naturally, a big part of this. But since I was designing the room based upon retro gaming more than modern gaming, I needed to find storage options that fit the theme.

That’s when I came across The Burnt Tree on Etsy. Run by Kirsty Holton, The Burnt Tree makes and sells handmade boxes and chests based on a huge variety of different games, TV shows and movies. However, it was The Legend of Zelda chest that really caught my eye. Visually, it would be the perfect fit with a retro gaming focused room. But how well was it made? Well, let’s take a look!

Build Quality

One of the first things that I noticed about The Legend of Zelda chest was just how sturdy it looked. The chest itself is made of out very thick wood, making the whole thing very strong and durable. On top of this the hinges are of a high quality, and don’t look like they will break or wear out any time soon. This is really important to me since, even though I won’t be carrying it around with me, my daughter has a tendency to find everything she shouldn’t have and try to take them. So, having a strong and well-build chest means that anything I store inside it should be safe and sound.

The Legend of Zelda chest also comes with a lock that, unlike many handmade items, doesn’t feel flimsy or weak. Instead, there’s a very nice click when you lock the chest, giving you a sense of security for everything inside it. Since I’m now using it as a home for my Famicom Disk System version of The Legend of Zelda 2 (fitting, really), this gives me a huge sense of satisfaction and relief.


A chest’s usability is really defined by how well it is able to act as storage. So that means that the size and depth of the chest is really important. The internal storage size of this particular Legend of Zelda chest (Kirsty makes other styles and sizes too) is 8.7cm x 5.3cm x 5.3cm. This makes for a very handy sized chest that can fit on almost any shelving unit or ornament stand, but also means that you can fit a good variety of things in it. I’ve already mentioned that it currently houses my copy of The Legend of Zelda 2, but it does so with a lot of extra room left over!

The size of the chest also means that it works perfectly on my little “feature shelf”, sitting nicely into the right hand side of the display.

In terms of what you could use the chest for; it would make a great jewelry box, or even a storage box for your favourite retro gaming memorabilia. The size and build quality together makes the chest more than worth the price!


Similar to the chest’s usability, the effectiveness is largely defined by what you can use it for. As previously mentioned, it would make a great box to safely and securely store your jewelry in. But it can be used for almost anything. Whilst I originally just put my copy of Zelda 2 in it, I have now decided to use it as a “mount” of sorts for my It’s A Knockout medal and steampunk pocket watches. However, don’t let that give you the wrong impression…

Should I want to, there is more than enough room for me to put the game, medal and pocket watches in, and still have room available for other things as well. I’m really very impressed with how this Legend of Zelda box has been put together, as you can use it for almost any of your valuables!


When I first saw the pictures of the chest on the Etsy app, I immediately assumed it was going to be something expensive. I mean, just the fact that it looks so great and is handmade would be enough of a reason for it to be priced rather high. However, it only costs a mere £29 plus shipping. That’s insane!

Especially when you consider the build quality of the chest. The pictures made it look expensive, but when I actually got my hands on it, it felt like charging £29 for it was giving too much of a deal to people buying it. And that’s not marketing talk, by the way… I know it may seem like it, but it really isn’t; I honestly feel that way.

And That’s All Folks

If you’re a fan of retro gaming, especially The Legend of Zelda, then believe me; you want to have one of these chests in your collection. It’s such a unique and amazing thing to have on my feature shelf, looking utterly perfect with Zelda 2 inside it and Koudelka standing up next to it. But even if you’re not that much of a Zelda fan, Kirsty has Game of Thrones chests with dragon eggs, Deathly Hallows chests and more! Oh, and if you are a Zelda fan, but want something a big bigger, Kirsty even has a huge Zelda chest that’s 40cm wide!

I am so incredibly pleased with this chest that I don’t, honestly, think I can do it justice in this review. You need to go and check out The Burnt Tree and see all of the amazing chests that Kirsty makes. Seriously! And then, let me know what you think and whether you’d buy one.

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