Okay, so let’s start this off with a bit of detail; it was coming up to Christmas 2016 and my wife and I wanted to buy something nice that my daughter could really enjoy. She’s a massive fan of My Little Pony, even though she’s not even two yet (at the time of writing this), so we wanted to get her a very big My Little Pony plush toy. Unfortunately, they don’t do very large ones.

So, we thought up the idea of getting her a rocking horse that is suitable for toddlers, and eventually came across the Vivo Rocking Horse.

We had some reservations about getting a rocking horse (or pony, as it were) from Amazon, but went ahead with it because we thought our daughter would like it. Now, a few weeks on, I figured it’s time for me to give my opinion on the rocking pony. So, here it is.

Let’s start with one of the most important aspects; quality, and let’s start with the negative. When the rocking horse arrives, you’ll need to put the lower frame onto it with screws, which is fine. However, the screws don’t quite go in at the right angle. This is because the holes in the bottom frame and the underbelly of the pony section don’t match up.

So, you need to put some real elbow grease into it when putting this together in order to make sure it is secure and strong enough.

The positive, on other hand, is that once you have the screws in the rocking horse really is strong! My daughter doesn’t hold back when rocking! In fact, she actually moves the rocking horse around, even when the wheels are folded up! And it hasn’t even splintered!

So yeah, it is pretty damn strong! On top of that, the padding in the back of the seat is soft yet firm enough to keep your little one safe, and the strap is very durable. All in all, apart from the issues with the screws, I can’t really fault the quality of the rocking horse.

Now, we bought this for our daughter who is younger than 2, but keep in mind that she is rather large for her age (wearing 2 – 3 year old clothing since she was 18 month). However, this is the only real way I can judge this. So, with that in mind, my daughter is able to clamber onto the horse herself, and touch the floor when rocking.

However, when the wheels are folded out, she can’t quite reach. So, in terms of size, the rocking horse is probably suitable for kinds from 18 months to 3 years. I would also say the seating area is too small from a child of 4 years and above.

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