As you probably know by now, I’m currently planning out my brand new retro gaming room (and office) ready for when we finally move into our new house. But planning the layout and the furniture is just one part of building an awesome gaming room that you can rest your mind in. Decor is just as important!

Of course, in a retro gaming room that decor needs to have a retro theme, right? Well, that’s exactly what I am going for, and is the main reason why I was pulled towards VoxelZoo and their ornaments!

Who Is VoxelZoo?

I actually came across VoxelZoo on Etsy. They create 3D printed ornaments and various other objects, such as cookie cutters, pots and even Christmas tree decorations.

Each of these are based around a range of different things, from Batman and Mario cookie cutters to modern, minimalist cube pen holders. There are even Christmas decorations of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. In other words, there’s something for pretty much everyone.

But how do they stack up?

Well, I’ve gotten my hands on VoxelZoo’s Space Invader set and Pac-Man ornaments, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Build Quality

Considering I have seen a whole bunch of 3D printed things before, each other of them have felt cheap, as if they were printed with the cheapest possible material. Because of this, I’ve always been a bit dubious about 3D printed ornaments.

However, all four of the ornaments I got from VoxelZoo feel strong, durable and sturdy. In fact, they can withstand my daughter, and that’s the best stress test you can get!

On top of that, they are able to stand up by themselves without any issues with balance and strength. In other words, the build quality of these ornaments is really high, with them being some of the best 3D printed objects I have ever seen.


Considering I was looking for retro gaming ornaments, it was really important for me that they captured the nostalgia of the games that the ornaments were from. I mean, it would be so easy to just made a smooth circle with a mouth for Pac-Man… And it would like good, but it wouldn’t be the same as the actual Pac-Man.

So, when VoxelZoo’s ornaments came, I was pleasantly surprised that they lived up to the “voxel” name; they were 3D pixelated ornaments!

As you can see, they are direct captures of the original characters. Even the Space Invaders look exactly like they did in the game. This was a huge plus for me, as they really fit the idea of retro gaming decoration, encapsulating the nostalgia of the games that I loved as a child.

The fact that VoxelZoo took the time to design these ornaments in a way that truly pays homage to the games is awesome!


When it comes to 3D printed objects, I have seen some truly overpriced things… For example, I’ve seen 3D printed models of consoles go for over £80. It’s crazy!

That’s why I was so happy with the price of VoxelZoo’s ornaments. The set of Space Invader ornaments is just £3.99, and Pac-Man is only £5.99. It’s incredible. And those prices aren’t just limited to those two sets.

The various different cookie cutters they offer range from as little as £4.99 up to just £10.99, which is a great price for something truly unique. Even the more expensive items like the finned pot and the cube pencil holder are just £29.99. Considering the quality of the products, as well as the overall style, these prices are outstanding!

And That’s All Folks

Overall, the 3D printed ornaments that VoxelZoo create are wonderful pieces of decor, more than suited for any retro gaming room (or a general gaming room). They are build very strong, whilst being able to truly give that nostalgic feeling every time you look at them.

Add to this the insanely great price and you’ve definitely got a winner that every game room should have! You can find VoxelZoo on Etsy, as mentioned earlier, or you can check out their website directly.

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